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Checking for Backlinks in Your Website

Back in the days when websites are just growing, checking for backlinks was a piece of cake. But as the internet market grows, more people now have access to owning websites. More people are also using links that direct viewers/consumers to their own site. Some links may work while some don’t; as a result, traffic is lost. Because of this, options for checking backlinks that actually work have also grown.

What is a backlink?

For someone who isn’t all familiar with the terms used in SEO, you may have encountered backlinks one way or another. Let’s say you are reading an interesting topic about cooking. Somewhere along the article, the writer posts something like “for more yummy recipes, click here” clicking on it will take you to another page. This is what backlink is all about; it simply points you back to an article, blog or website.

Backlinks are important if you want to direct people to your website and earn the right amount of views you need for your website. A good backlink can bring the good traffic to your content. Without these, no one will know that you have a website or even good contents in it. If you create a poor backlink, there is a possibility that someone might read it but not everyone. So this is as good as nothing and your website is still unknown. Keep in mind that these links are like roads. There are roads that lead to the highway while there are roads that can’t be seen. Your goal is to let people know you have a business online and make roads leading to your business. This is what backlinking is all about.

So how do you check for an effective backlink?

Backlinks are considered as the backbone of SEO campaign. Alongside with a good content and the right keywords to be used for your website, a good backlink is also important. However, there are a few things you need to consider first. One is that, not all backlinks get indexed by search engines. When we say indexed, it basically means it’s being picked up by search engines. It means that your content must be available in search engines and visible in Google if possible. If the links of your content is not indexed, it means that search engines won’t be able to find it.

Some search engines like Google don’t really check accurately for this and even if they do, they can also miss some. So in the end, some backlinks are not that important. The second problem is that, Google will not give you a list of which backlinks are already indexed and which ones are not. However there are some online tools that you can use to check for your backlinks.

You can use site explorer tools like:

  • Open Site Explorer
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Majestic SEO
  • Market Samurai
  • Blekko
  • PostScript

These are all effective when it comes to checking for your backlinks. There are also other tools like these online. All you need is to search for them and see what they can offer. Some of these can be used freely while there are some that can be used with a premium account on their site. Using these tools will help you identify the backlinks in your website and see if you have enough to get the right traffic you need for your website.


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