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Understanding what SEO is All About

It seems that everyone who has an online business these days are looking for ways to get a rank among search engines. And since the competition for the top spot is fierce, they need help from someone who knows the twist and turns of this playground. That is why many people work or hire SEO companies to help their businesses get the leverage they need among search engines.

However, there is one thing that still confuses people. You may hear some people say, “Ah! You should get a SEO team!” but the concept of how SEO works is still in the dark to many people. This is not any layman’s term that people use every day so it is not surprising that there are still those who will turn and ask, what is this SEO all about?

I have my shares of people asking me what SEO is and as much as I want to explain to them what this is all about, the jargons I use to explain SEO will only confuse them more and I will end up answering more questions from them. So I always come up with the simplest answer that I could but even then, I don’t find my answer clear enough as SEO is more than just “a tool to get traffic to your website”. This being said, let me break down what SEO is all about.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a technique which helps search engines find your site and rank it higher than any other websites online. This is done in response to a search query by any online user. Because of this, search engine optimization helps your website get the traffic from search engines.

So how does Search Engine Optimization work?

As you now know, search engine is not operated by humans. These search engines are text-driven meaning they look for texts in the web. SEO experts call this process as crawling. This is when the search engine looks for a particular site item or the content to get an idea about what the website is all about. The search engines “crawl” the web to see what is there. This is done with the help of a software that is called “spider” or “crawler”, so the name is related to how it works. This then searches or crawls the web, following links from one page to another. The search engines then indexes everything that they find on the web. When you say indexed, this means that they are found by search engines and so it is possible that a site can also be found because the links in this site are indexed by the search engines.

However, it is impossible for a crawler to visit your website regularly and see if you have updated anything. Keep in mind that a software is used to indexed these links, so a crawler cannot stay in one site alone. Also, there are millions of pages in the web for this crawler to check so even if you added new features, content, or have updates on your site; it will take months again before this crawler can pick up these updates again. What you need to do is to make use of a crawler or spider simulator. This is an effective tool to use if you want to know if your updates are visible to the crawler.

After the site is being crawled, I have mentioned about being indexed. This is the second most important part of SEO as indexing means that the search engines found content and stored it in a database where it can be retrieved once again. So that when a user searched for a specific keyword, it will be retrieved by the search engine in this database.

Once a user searches for a keyword, the search engines will then process this keyword and see what they can find on the web and on the database. If the search engine finds related words then it will calculate the relevancy on the pages it has indexed. And if the search engine finds the right calculations, it will then retrieve its results and display it one your searches.

How can SEO companies work for you?

As I have mentioned, SEO helps in generating traffic to your website. However, this is not all that they could do. Have you ever wondered how people without much knowledge about online businesses become successful with it? This is because every successful online business has or had worked with a SEO team one way or another. Trafficking customers on your website is not the only important thing SEOs do, they also provide contents, web design, and other creative forms of social media as well as internet tools that they can add on your site to keep it search engine friendly. And you have to agree with me that you can’t do this all by yourself. This is why it is recommended that you hire a good SEO team if you wish to become a successful entrepreneur online. Hiring a professional SEO who can help you from scratch until you reach your goals is a very good option to take.

In my opinion, if you aim to be successful, you should focus on your goal and invest in something useful. Invest in a SEO company that can offer long-lasting support and you will soon reap the harvest of all your and your team’s hard work.




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