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The Importance of Having Good Internal Links in SEO

One of the best ways to promote any website is by using links. A good link must work well in order for the website to be visible. But what can you gain from these links?

What is an internal link?

By definition, an internal link or hyperlink is that refers or navigates elements in a document to another. This document may be on or a part of a website or domain of the internet. These can either be internal or external links depending on perspective. So when you think of it, a link that points to a page outside the same domain is called external links while those links that are in one and same domain are called internal links. However, let us focus on the importance of an internal link.

So to make it simple, in other words, an internal link directs the website visitor to another page within the same website. This is as simple as you can understand what an internal link is all about.

How important is an internal link?

So what makes internal links important? In SEO, search engines put a lot of weight on backlinks and the anchor text related to the keywords they want to rank for. But seldom has noticed the importance of using internal link which is why it is left unnoticed. However, you can gain a lot of benefits if you use the internal links correctly.

So what can you gain from using internal link in SEO? Keep in mind that a search engine’s job is to put the best pages about a certain topic on the web out on the surface. While most focus on the external links, it is easy to overlook the internal links. Internal links help by focusing on your own content. It’s like voting for yourself and at the same time letting search engines know your web page exist.

Internal links provide navigation for search engines and its users. It helps the user to navigate your site while locating relevant information that you would like them to know about your products or services. However, make sure that your link is designed carefully, this way you can maximize its full potential. So in order for search engines to see your site’s content, you must have access to a crawlable link structure. This means that the link structure allows the search engines spider to crawl or navigate the pathways of a website in order to find all the web pages it needs. If you don’t create a good and structured link then these “spiders” will have no access to these pages. In return, you lose the chance of being found and indexed by these search engines.

Another great use for internal links is that they provide a good signal to establish an information hierarchy on a site. So if you want a certain page or topic in a blog to be given more attention then you can give link to it more often. Not only that, these internal links can also help pass the ranking power from one page to another. If the internal links are properly structured then you can certainly pass the link authority to some on the most important pages in your website. This is why internal links are great if you want to help boost your website or blog contents.

In conclusion, these internal links are the links within your own website. They help maximize the content of your site by pointing search engines and users to your site’s most important pages. These internal links create proper navigation, check all the paths and give your content the priority it needs as well as spreads the ranking power among search engines.

So if you want to maximize your SEO potential, you must create a good and structured internal link. This way you can make use of your search engine potential and gain the ranking that you need.



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