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Ways that Can Kill Your SEO Ranking

In the world of search engine optimization, getting ranked is very important. This will reflect on how much you have worked on your website and how effective are the tools you are using to get the ranking you need. If you have been in this business for some time and you still don’t have the ranking that you need, then most likely, you are using the wrong methods. Because of this, your chances of getting seen by search engines are killed.
First of all, understand that SEO is neither science or history or any other subject that you can easily understand the flow. It is a fact that there are no exact methods that you should do in order to get the ranking you need. If there was then it will be easy for others to get the ranking they need, right?
This is why every SEO company tries every tools and techniques that they can when it comes to getting the ranking that a website needs. However, if you have no SEO team to back you up on your website, you can check for the errors that may be causing your ranks to go down. Here are some of the mistakes that can kill your SEO ranking:
Linking to junk or bad links/websites – It is important that you know where you are linking your contents to. This way you are sure that your visibility is constant. If you are linking to a junk website or to sites that are unknown then tendencies are, you may lose your ranking. Though it is true that you can’t control who links to you, who you want to link with is important. So make sure that you know where you are going so that your links are found by search engines.
Double Contents – contents are important in a website. Keep in mind that your content is something that people will consider or dismiss. So if you have no actual and original content this will kill your ranking. It can even affect your standing if you have double posts. So if you have this on your website, change it. Remember that search engine crawlers will leave your website if they see you have posted double contents. If you don’t want this to happen on your site then always check your contents.
Frequent server downtime – if you are having troubles with your server, this might get you in trouble. If this constantly happens, your website my get de-indexed by Google. This means that your website will not be found among the search results. If this happen, you may need to start all over again and lose all that you have worked so hard for. If the problem is your server, the best thing that you can do is to change it. For all you know, your ranking may be killed and you have no idea what has happened.
Using too much Javascript or Flash – search engines don’t really read what they can find. Unlike humans, they don’t take the time to read what your content is all about. So if your website is made mostly of Javascript or Flash then most likely, search engines will skip it. If this happens, you will lose your ranking. Make sure that your website is not mainly made of these two.
Too many keywords – if you are using too many keywords in your title tags, in your content and keyword tags then it will look like you are going too much and too many. This will give Google the idea that you are spamming and if this happens, Google will mark you as spam. If this happens then you will be de-indexed and you will have to start all over again.
So if you don’t want to kill your SEO ranking, make sure that you are not doing any of these. Check your work first and see if there are any changes you need to do. If you are plenty of things to do then consider going back to the start before you work too hard over something that Google and other search engines will only disregard.

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