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How to Work on Your Google Penalty

You have probably heard about sites getting penalties from Google or sometimes even banned not just in Google but as well as other search engines. It is true that search engines help a lot when it comes to online businesses but that doesn’t mean that you have to over rely on them. If this happens, you may just find yourself lost in case their algorithm changes, just like what it did a couple of weeks ago. When this happens, your site might just face a few penalties and even be re-indexed! If this happens, you know what that means, business will fail and you have to start all over again.

Now, you really don’t want that to happen to you! We all know that it is not funny to invest in online businesses let alone all the SEO work to be done. If Google decides to change its algorithm and your site is penalized, it will be hard to come back and gain ranking again. What you need to do is to find out what are the things that can cause your sites to be penalized by search engines. Once you do, find the solution for it and solve it as quickly as you can.

So what can you do about these Google Penalties?

First of all, find out first if it really is a penalty. It is a known fact that Google changes it’s algorithm on a regular basis and they do this more than a hundred times every year. This is like Google’s way of refreshing their list. It doesn’t really point out on a direct or specific site but instead, they do this to improve their listings. If you do find out that your rank was lowered then it is possible that Google changed its algorithms. Once you are de-ranked, it might take a while to get your old ranking back.

If in case you’ve been delisted by Google and you found out that other websites similar to yours are not dropped then you were probably given a penalty by Google. This happens not just to one but to millions of websites online, so don’t feel bad about it. There are some ways that you can do to improve or lift this penalty.

Knowing what you did wrong is the first step you should do. This way you can see if you did something that Google saw and considered as foul. Keep in mind that you need search engines to get the right traffic to your website and ranking. If you constantly make mistakes then Google will dismiss traffic to your site and therefore destroying your business. This will happen if you continue to violate their rules. So it is best that you are aware of their rules and policies. This way you can take note of that error you did and correct it.

Fix it. Of course, this is a given. Once you have identified your fault then do something about it. Know what your mistakes are and find the solution to correct it. If you are over stuffing your keywords then check your contents. But if you have a lot of spam links then it could be harder to fix.

The best thing you can do is to remove those websites and make sure it does not happen again. Once these penalties are corrected, contact Google and tell them about your penalties and explain the things you did to correct them. If you don’t then Google will continue to ignore your site and if you don’t take action then you can kiss your website/s goodbye.


Lastly, improve and rebuild on what’s left of your website. If you have penalties, it will not be easy to get ranking all over again but you don’t have to be sad about it. These things happen and you are not alone in the boat! What you need to do is to focus on putting more quality content and avoid making the same mistakes that you did before.

Use the correct SEO strategies and make sure that you are on Google’s Nice List. If this continues then you will definitely see the results of your hard work. So don’t be afraid if you get a Google Penalty, there’s always learning from all of this!



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