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The Internet Memes and How You Can Use Them in SEO

If you are constantly online like I do then you may have heard about memes. What’s a meme you ask? Well, they are just a couple of funny pictures, gifs or videos with captions that depict daily reactions of people. At least that’s how I define it, the funny thing is that, though these memes seemed to be just a bunch of pictures with captions, it can go viral! Yes, especially if you are someone with a good sense of humor, reading these memes will keep you laughing. Another thing that makes these memes popular is that they happen in real life and a lot of people can relate to them!

But what exactly is a Meme?

Wikipedia defines internet meme as an idea that is propagated through the World Wide Web. This idea can be in a form of hyperlink, picture, video, website, hash tag or just a word or phrase. These words can be intentionally misspelling like the words more to moar and the to teh. Memes are popular because of people sharing them through websites, blogs, emails and other online sources.

This alone tells you that you can’t go wrong with an internet meme. There are even memes that you can use in different situations! This is why those with the funny bones can’t get enough of these memes as they can closely relate to the daily emotions, thoughts and funny reactions of different people.

Can you use Memes in SEO?

Of course, you can definitely use memes in SEO! That is if you have the humor to do so. Memes are not the hard to use, in fact you can even make your own. If you still don’t believe me then here are some of the best reasons why you should use Memes as part of your internet marketing:

Memes are popular – ask a ten year old kid if he or she knows what a meme is and you will be surprised! Since there are many online users these days, it is easy for one thing to go viral. Memes are just one of the proofs that it is easy to grab someone’s attention and get the word out. If you choose to use memes in your internet marketing, by all means do so! They can help you get the popularity you need. Of course, you must know what meme you should use. Among the many popular memes are the Y U NO Guy, the Rage Comics characters, the LOLcats and the many more! You just need to make a little research of your own and see how you can use them to your advantage. The goal of memes is to keep people interested and entertained. If you can use this span of interest to introduce people to your product or brand then you can hit the jackpot!

Memes are easy to use – you don’t need to brainstorm when you are using memes. All you need to be is being crafty in photoshop, humor and that’s it! Unlike other complicated internet marketing tools online, memes are almost user friendly. You just need to know what the trending memes are and see what you can do about it. Think of a funny situation in your work or in SEO that you can share to other people. This way you can introduce them to your work/business and at the same they are given enlightenment on what SEO is all about.

Share your memes – once you have created the right meme to use, SHARE them! That’s the easiest way that you can do to make your meme go viral. Once the word/pictures of your memes are out there’s no stopping now! Make sure that you can utilize your meme into getting traffic to your website, this, my friend is how you use memes in SEO.

Another way that you can utilize your memes is by joining social sites. One of the best places to share your memes is through Tumblr. This is the fastest way to get the latest trends on memes and sharing/reblogging them. Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon or Facebook are also good sites to share these memes. So get those ideas working and see the results!


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