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Black Hat SEO: Definition and Downfall

There are many techniques that you can use when it comes to making a rank for your website. Some are very useful while there are those that, well, used in a way that will break your online presence. Now, there are two techniques on SEO: the white hat and the black hat but let me take this opportunity to talk about Black Hate SEO first. This way you will have a better understanding about what it’s all about.

The Definition

Black Hate SEO is defined as a practice to improve a web page’s search engine ranking by methods that are not allowed or prohibited by the search engines. These techniques are sometimes in violation of the search engine’s Terms of Service. It’s also defined as cheating or manipulating search engines. It is also said to mislead and misrepresent contents to search engines. It’s about spamming, ranking in an unethical manner and it only focuses in getting money without even trying to give any value to the customers. So in short, Black Hat SEO is the “bad guy” in search engine optimization.

However, there are still people using these techniques in order to get the ranking they need! This is not how search engines work and if you get caught using these techniques, you can be de-indexed by Google and other search engines. In order for you to avoid using Black Hat SEO, here are some of the common tricks used:

Keyword Stuffing or Spamming – this is when you utilize a long list of keywords which are not even on your content. Basically, this is a repetition of the same keyword over and over again. This will give you penalty by search engines. Make sure that those keywords you use is in your content and should be relevant to your posts.

Using of the word “scam” – the idea here is to make one product or service where they are affiliated with a link and put an article or blog content saying that this particular brand is a scam. So this makes the people think that this product is a scam and will want to find out for themselves. If this happens, they will find a page instead. The trick here is that, some people will write why it’s not a scam and sell them the product with their affiliate link.

Though this works sometimes, it can also backfire. So better be careful if you are using this type of scheme. If search engines will find out, you will be given penalty or if the company you are affiliated with finds out about this technique, you may be banned from their company.

Link Farming – when you say “farming” it means planting seeds right? This is also the same with Link Farming. Link Farming is done when one creates websites which are not really updated but they only put links to other websites. The idea is to make Google think that a certain site is popular but be careful when you do as Google will penalize sites that are using this type of technique.

Spamming Forums and Blogs – this is usually found in blog comments and forums. There will always be someone who will post links of a certain page and people find this annoying. Not only that, because of the nuisance it presents, blog owners and people visiting the forums will only delete the garbage you put on their blogs. No one will ever visit your site if you keep on doing this.

Use of Faking Headlines or News – we all want to have creative headlines in order for Google to see what interesting contents we can come up with but using fake headlines or news will ban you from Google’s SERP as well as other search engines. It may even be harder if you get penalized for this and you may have to start your work all over again. So make sure that you don’t use fake headlines just so you can get your ranking.

In conclusion, the use of Black Hat SEO is a big no-no. Of course, it can’t be avoided that you must do whatever you can to get the ranking you need but keep in mind that when these tricks fail, you will be the one who will suffer the consequences. If you want an honest living, then follow the SEO rules. Yes, it may take time to get the results you want but its better than getting penalized for every black hat SEO trick you use and start all over again! So you choose what’s best, after all, it will be for your own benefit too.

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