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How to Improve Your Ranking with Semantic Search

The trend in search engine optimization continues to change. Every once in a while you will notice that there are a few changes in the world of SEO. This is why many SEO companies make sure that they keep their clients updated and equipped in case some changes did occur

Despite all these changes, keyword searches still remain to be the most important thing to have in your content and links. But don’t do the happy dance yet! There are still a few changes that might occur with keywords and this is through semantic keyword searches.

What is Semantic Search?

Semantic Search is defined as the use of artificial intelligence in order to understand the intent of the searcher as well as the meaning of the inquiry rather than just giving out keywords.

For example, if you are searching for a keyword in Google, basically, it will just give you its best guess. However, when you use semantic search, Google will also give its relation to those words you are looking for. It’s like when you type in “cars”, Google will give you something like:

-          Car repairs

-          Car accessories

-          Car parts

-          Cars for sale

This is how semantic searches work. Keep in mind that Google will always look for its relation, how these words work together and attempts to understand what these words mean. That is why it changes everything.

Another important thing you need to consider is that, when people use the internet for keywords, they don’t just use one word. They always add something to their searches like “best car repair shops” or “where to buy laptops” etc. So additional keywords also changes the searches and semantic searches will help you narrow down your searches.

Understand that search engines are not always accurate nor do they have brains like humans do. They will have to go through all the keywords you place in your searches. The job of these semantic searches will see how these words relate to each other and eventually will look for other clues that can help you with your search.

Of course, there is always an advantage when you are using this type of search. Your benefits include higher quality score, when this is achieved correctly, search engines will give you high score leads and a chance of better ranking.

Semantic search will also improve your CTR. If you use the right target keyword then it is possible that your CTR or click-through-rate will also improve.

If you are using PPC campaigns then semantic keyword enhancement will help lead you to lower minimum bids.

The Advantages of Semantic Search in SEO

Manipulating keywords are easy however; the intent of these keywords is not as easy as you think. If you want to rank well in semantic search, putting the keywords is not enough. You may need to figure out what these keywords mean and create a content that will lead users with their query.

By doing this, you are putting emphasis on the keywords you placed in the semantic search. To make it short, keyword semantic search will have to focus on what the searcher actually means and not just a group of words.

There are also search engines tools that you can use for semantic searches. Here are some of the most popular search engines:

-          Hakia

-          Sensebot

-          Powerset

-          Deepdyve

-          Cognition

There are many tools out there that you can use to build your semantic keywords. All you need is to understand how each tool works so that you can apply them as your own. So don’t be afraid to try new things, after all, this is how search engines work!





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