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Link Building: White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO?

When it comes to online market, you need to make use of every possible way that you can to attract more visitors and let them see what you have to offer. Any good idea can be used! All you need is to know what these possibilities are and use them correctly.

One of the best strategies you can use is link building. You may wonder, what is link building? Will it work? If you want to know what this is all about and how you can use them in your search engine optimization then read this article.


Link building is a process of connecting websites in order to optimize and attract websites. This is important if you are aiming to get a high page rank in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the likes.

However, some people consider this as a Black Hat strategy. Sounds alarming? Don’t be. You can utilize this strategy and turn it into a White Hate SEO, doing so will make this strategy ethically accepted by others.


It is believed that the most effective way to make this strategy work is by authoritative and relevant link-building. However, there are other ways that you can do to make this technique as effective without being too obvious.

The best ways that you can use this is by emailing webmasters with well known sites and ask them if they can put up a link to your own website. Although this might sound as if you are begging for a piece of their meat, it could be a possibility that will allow it. To know which sites you should go to, all you need to do is to search for the most important keywords in a search engine and then use your skills in writing. Before you realize it, some people might just reply to your request.

ON AN IMPORTANT NOTE – ALWAYS PREPARE a good link. This way it will be harder for them to drop your offer. Always make a summary of what your link is all about. Make sure that you point out the benefits that they can have on your site too. So over all, it will be a give and take scenario.

Take time to know what websites you would like to contact for your links. This way you will know if you are choosing a good site or not and if it could give your site benefits too. Keep in mind that you are aiming for the right traffic, so you need to be careful when you are considering the websites you want to put your links to.

Calling these webmasters is a perfect option too! A personal conversation with the site owner will always settle things. Not only that, you might even discuss other options with them. This is always a good idea if you want to pursue this link-building option.


Since I have mentioned the benefits of this method if you do it the right way, this technique can also backfire on you if you don’t follow the rules. If you are desperate for money and ranking then this method can also become a Black Hat SEO strategy.

The trick here is that if you are linking to a direct competitor, all you need to do is to remove the link to the competitor’s site. You can send that broken link’s list to the webmaster and then you can randomly include the working link of the competitor site. If someone clicks on the broken links, the webmaster will assume the list is credible and all links in that list are broken. When this is done, the webmaster will then remove them from their site.

Of course, it could work but then, do you really have what it takes to do that? Well, it’s up to you! If you want a clean and honest living online then you must have the dedication to do that. Remember that results may not come as quick as you think but give it time and all your hard work will surely pay off.

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