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SEO Tips: How Ezines Can Help Your Online Business

Looking for a way to reach your customers can be tough if you are starting on your internet business. This is true especially to those who just started to be familiar with the whole internet marketing and search engine optimization or SEO campaigns. There are many routes and paths to go through that sometimes it seemed daunting to do everything.

There are many ways that you can attract customers. There’s the Pay Per Click, Facebook advertisements, Pay Per View and other types of advertisements that you can do to get your customer’s attention. However, let’s face it, not everyone is willing enough to click on these ads let alone be interested in paying for something that they don’t need!

I have been looking around and reading stuffs that people like to do online. One of these is that, people won’t really indulge in something they are not familiar with. Generally, people want something informative and of course, if it’s free then they’ll take it! Whether you like it or not, people will always find a way to use something that is free. So how can your online business work if people only want free things? I found a good solution for that.

One of the best ways that you can use is by using Ezines. And you might be surprise; there are people who still read things online! This is a good opportunity for you to have and so you can start using this as soon as you know the quirks around this internet tool.

What is an Ezine you ask?

Ezine is a shortened version of the Electronic Zine. Zine is a shorter version of “fanzine” which is used to describe short self-published magazines. Fanzines usually dedicate their time on a certain brand, celebrity, band, movie, genre, political party and the likes. So basically, an Ezine is an electronic magazine and ezines are often synonymous with electronic publication. This is where website owners can post their articles for internet users to read.

Uses of Ezines

So how can you use this to get the right traffic on your website? Offering practical and useful information for your customers is basically the best use for ezines. By giving your target audience free information, you can attract visitors to your site in no time.

Not only that, if your ezine publications become successful, advertisements are willing to pay for a spot in your ezine which is even better. So what you are doing is offering free information and at the same time earning from it.

However, in order to keep your audience coming back and attracting other readers, you must provide them with good contents. You have to keep it fresh and updated. Writing relevant contents that is needed by your viewers is the best way to attract your targeted audience.

If you aim to direct traffic to your website, make sure that you use the right keywords. Selecting the right keywords will help you get the traffic you need and will also help elevate your standing among search engines. If you choose the right keywords then search engines like Google will be able to pick up the buzz that you are brewing. And if this becomes a success, you will have the ranking that you have been waiting for!

Brewing Ezines: How to Do it

There are three things that you can do in Ezine marketing. You can do one of the following:

Making your own ezine – obviously, this is the first thing you need to do. You can start by making use of emails. Of course, you don’t need to spam as this will not be as effective and people will only delete your emails. If you are planning to do Ezine advertising, your Email list might just come in handy. You can send out Ezines to those people who actually read what you want to say and then you can include your advertisements. Of course, always offer a good and useful reading material to your readers. This way your advertisements and efforts are not put to waste.

Writing articles for Ezines sites – another good way to reach your target audience is to write for them. Find a good Ezine site (ex. and publish your articles. It’s like doing a blog only you are publishing it on someone else’s site. This is what you call guest article writing. And what’s more beneficial is that you can reach other big ezine sites with even bigger audiences!

Buy Advertisements – yes, you can also purchase advertisements in Ezines. They are cheaper compared with PPC or PPV. However, Ezines have smaller audiences. It might not be much as you have expected but you can start here and work your way up.


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