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Mistakes that First Time Bloggers Make

Is this your first time to write blogs? This must be very exciting for you, isn’t it? I remember when I first wrote my blog, I was an eager beaver! I wanted everything to be perfect and I didn’t want to make any mistakes. I wanted to create a good impression on my boss because I needed the job so bad! But not everything went according to my plans. Truth be told, I made mistakes and a lot of them I tell you.

Am I making you nervous then? Don’t be! It’s common for bloggers to make mistakes. I don’t want to blame it on the “I’m only human” saying but sometimes, you just can’t be perfect! I know that being a blogger can be hard work. Not to mention that you have to think of many things to write about. Because of the pressure we put upon ourselves, we commit mistakes by not knowing that we did! So if you don’t want to be put on the spot, here are some of the common mistakes that bloggers make.

Writing too many too soon – yep, like it or not, new bloggers tend to write more than they can handle. Eventually, their enthusiasm lowers down as they go on with the days of writing about 1,000 words everyday! New bloggers have this “confidence” that they don’t want to turn down their new boss and so they agree to the job even if they can’t handle it. This isn’t realistic! Even the most successful writers can’t write 1,000 or more words every day. So if you are the type who agrees to do 2,000 words per day but only to find out that you can’t keep up with the schedule, better think about it! It will take a toll on you in the long run.

Pretending to know everything – another mistake that bloggers make is diving blindly into topics they don’t know. Of course, you took a blogging job because you want to earn money but this doesn’t mean that you have to take every chance you can get even if you don’t know what the work is all about. For example, if you don’t have any idea about topics that involves computer programming then by all means be honest about it. Know what your expertise is and present them to your boss. Explain to him that that’s what you’re good at then maybe he could give you a topic that you are more familiar with. Pretending to know everything even if you don’t will only put you in a tough spot.

Bloggers think that blogging is that easy – every time someone asks me about my job, I always tell them I write articles. The usual response would be “that’s easy!” to tell you the truth, it’s not that easy! Many people are attracted to writing blogs because they think it is easy. They think that all you need to do is meet the required number of words and then you’re set. Truth is, that’s not how it works. When you are writing about a certain topic, you need to do research, lots of it actually. You need to study what you are reading, get some pointers and think of ways to present your work. Some people think that it’s easy to write but truth is, it takes a lot of ideas to create an article. It takes a great writer to come up with an original and fresh article every day!

So if you are planning to join the community of bloggers, better be ready for the challenges. It may look easy to you but when you are already on that spot, you will find that it’s one of the most challenging jobs in the world. I’m not discouraging you but I am telling you to be ready for this job and the challenges it came along with. If you like it then who knows? you may just become one of the world’s best bloggers!




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