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SEO Truths that might shock you

When I was looking for a job online, I had no idea what I was getting into. This is an honest to goodness confession. I have no friends who work in this field nor do I have ones that are interested in working online. So to make the story short, I took a dive in waters unknown. At first it was very deep and I had no idea what these people are looking for. Some people are looking for content writers while there are those that are looking for virtual assistants. Nobody told me what these words mean or did someone fully explained to me what I should do. All the technical jargons can be confusing especially when I encountered the word SEO.

At first SEO was related to CEO which was dumb of me to even relate to! I found myself smiling like an idiot every time I remember this thought. Of course, excuse my ignorance, I was new then and I had no one there to teach me about the wonderful world of SEO.

Many of you now know what SEO stands for, for those who are new like I was once, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In this blog, you will learn about the SEO secrets that will help you succeed in this field. If you are new to this field then here are the realities that you must know about SEO.

First of all, there are no absolute guarantees in SEO. I am saying it in all honesty. If you think that with the use of SEO your business can expand and be successful in a snap, you got it all wrong! This is because there are too many factors, internal and external, that can affect your SEO program. So even if you hire the best team to help you get out there, you won’t be able to get the results immediately.

Of course, SEO works but only if you have given it enough time. So if you found yourself talking to someone in this field that guarantees to help you get results right away, they are lying. If you aren’t wise enough, you may just find yourself paying for something that is not working at all.

SEO cannot help you sell your items. This is another truth you should understand. Keep in mind that SEO teams will always provide you with the good stuff. They will help you get to the top of the website rankings as far as their expertise can serve its purpose. But just because they helped you all the way, it also means they can help you sell whatever it is you are selling. Understand that SEO is just a tool that you can use to direct the right audience and customers but how your sales improve is entirely upon you. It’s up to you how accommodating you are with your customers. Though you have the right audience, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will stay or purchase your services or products. So you need to be more aware of how you can handle your customers well.

SEO does not only happen once, it goes on and on. Once you have used SEO as part of your online business, it doesn’t end in just one term. It is a continuous process. As long as you have the need to stay on top, search engine optimization will be an important part in your life. Of course, you win some, you lose some. You must be able to invest your own time and money in this game if you want to be successful. That’s just how it is.

SEO is not a hard thing. Though you may think it is a complicated process, it is actually learnable. Once you are familiar with the tools, names and strategies, you will find that it is not that hard as you think. Of course, this is why SEO companies are built in the first place. You can hire them to make your work easier and see results too.

In conclusion, of course, anyone who is not familiar with something will think it will not work but you can’t just stay there and do nothing! Be productive, this is what SEO is all about. Once you are there, you will see that there’s so much to learn. So don’t waste time, begin your SEO experience and earn the knowledge of search engine optimization.


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