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SEO Tips: How to Get the Best URL

Whenever I have the free time to browse the internet, the first thing that I do is look for baby names. You might think, why am I doing that even if I don’t have a child of my own just yet. Well, I do believe that the person is first identified with their name. How unique and interesting their names are can somehow be associated with their personality. At least this is what I believe. This can also be applied when you are to look for a good URL.

URLs are important if you have an online business. This is your web address and you need to be careful when you choosing them as they can affect your web traffic. You can actually choose your web address in two ways. You can either buy an already existing web address or through a company that helps you look for a good URL name for a fee. They will start sending you URL names and if you still can’t find what you are looking for or like then they can refund your money.


You may have probably noticed that there are a few interesting website names online but if you want to make an interesting URL or better yet the best one there is, there are a few things you can do. Here are some tips that you can use when it comes to choosing the best URL.

First off, start with your keyword. This is very important as your keyword will help you get the right traffic that you want. Though if you are to search for you keyword, you may be given many alternatives for it. Find one that is not really that too competitive. This way you don’t have to compete with other bigger companies that have the same keywords that you do. Also, make sure that your keyword is always included in your website. This way it will be easy for people to find the keyword that is associated with your website.

Stay away from “cutesy” URL names. Some people think it is interesting to have cutesy names attached to their URL. Keep in mind that people will not be looking for cutesy website names in Google when they are searching for something. Although you can still apply your SEO strategies, matching your URL name to any searches will be harder. Google might not be able to recognize your own URL. So make sure that you have a decent sounding name where Google can pick up and find your name.

Lastly, keep it simple and short. If it is possible, keep your URL short. However, this may be difficult to do as there are many popular niche that are not following the “short and simple” tactic. Although it can be interesting to have long URL names, this is not advisable. Three words would be enough if you want your site to get the right spot. Even a four word URL is not that great, so if you can, make it short and simple. This is the best way that you can go.


In closing, keep in mind that you don’t really need to have a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” URL name, you just have to keep simple and associate it with your keywords. Once you have it, you can easily get the traffic you want for your site. You will see that it’s not that hard. Follow these simple rules and you will have a great URL!


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