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Changes in Which Online Searches are Evolving

Ever since internet was created, search engines were the first interesting thing I have discovered. I was fascinated when I can easily find the lyrics of my favorite song or information about my favorite band and I am pretty sure you were once like me. However, as the years go by, the changes among search engines were evident. It did not only change but it has evolved into something more interesting.

With the help of these changes, new concepts on the web technology were also evident. In fact, we almost didn’t notice these changes but for those who have been working online, they definitely saw a great change. So what are these changes? Did it made our searches even better?


One of the best changes that evolved in searches is by browsing through mobile. Who would’ve thought it was even possible? When you first had your analog phone, you thought that phones can stick to calling but technology has evolved. With this change, browsing through mobile today is one of the most convenient applications that were ever invented. Google is pumping up its mobile search mechanism. This way it will be easy for you to simplify your searches with the help of a phone. Even iPhones have an application that makes your searches easier via voice recognition.

Besides Google, Yahoo! is one of the best search engines that is commonly used by internet users. Their “trending now” list is listed as one of the most searches on the web. Back then when internet was young, Yahoo! didn’t have this list yet and searches were a bit simpler to use. Today this list has helped many users. However, Yahoo! is not the only one with search changes. Bing and Google also have their modification when it comes to searches.

Bing can help you search for other options that are revealed in their main tabs. This helps you narrow down your searches to something more specific. Google on the other hand have their signed-in/out personalization. This means that you can personalize your search tabs based on your web history when you sign in while the sign-out personalization is based entirely on your past search information that is linked to your browser. This happens when you haven’t signed in to Google. They base the links to your past search information within the 180 days of activity that is stored in your browser’s cookie. If you notice these changes then you know that they are really changing.

Lastly, the search box has also evolved. Back then you need a new tab in order to use these search engines but today, your search box can be found even in your inbox. This feature has been added to emails a few years back and has made searches even easier. Now you can check your emails and search for interesting topics without bothering to open a new tab for that. I say this is pretty convenient to those who want to do one thing in one sitting.

In conclusion, there will be more changes in our searches in the future. Who knows what webmasters can think of next? These are done to make our lives easier. So if you are a keen observer, I am pretty sure that you will notice the next changes that will occur. Stick around and maybe you will be the first to notice these changes.



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