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How to Have an Awesome Social Presence: Is it a killer or a goner?

Ahh, social media, everyone these days are always ready for their 30 seconds of fame among social media. But why not make that 30 seconds last longer? Like it or not social media is evolving and more people are using it every day. Even my 70 year old neighbor has a twitter account (though I don’t really know what she’s tweeting and if she has followers) and this alone tells you that many are making their presence known online.

If you have a website or blog then you know that having social presence is important. Internet business is not just about ranking but rather creating an impact online. If you think about it, without social presence or if your social presence is close to not even existing, do you think your business online can even succeed? I think not and so you need to have to make your presence known!

First of all, keep in mind that you are aiming to have “social presence” and by social, this means that you have to be out there and not walled up in your own website. Some people think that if they stick to what they know (like their own website) they can be noticed and traffic will add up to their site. Truth is, you need to get out there and say “Hey I’m here!” and not just rely to people who will click on your site. That’s not how it works online. Yes, it could be possible but if this is the only thing you know then how can you even make an impact? Interact, talk to other people, this is what social media is all about. Answer comments on your blogs, address your twitter feeds correctly, create video responses and talk to bloggers like yourself. Being with society is the bottom line of it all.

Another way that you can make your presence known is by going viral. You may have heard about the term “viral”, this is usually associated with YouTube as videos with hilarious or shockingly painful content get thousands and even millions of hits. By hits we mean, the number of people viewing this particular video. If you want to be famous, this is the fastest way to do it. Of course, understand that there are certain qualities a viral video must have. One, it should be unscripted or naturally occurring and two, it should be funny or like I have mentioned shocking. However, capturing a great moment on video isn’t always easy. Some hilarious videos are usually caught by accident.

So how can you do that? There are two ways to instant fame: being really funny or pulling a stunt that no one has ever done. Since you can’t always do stunts that are shocking enough, you can always be funny. Just make sure that you’re not someone who tries too hard to be funny otherwise you will only look ridiculous!

Work with professionals, yes, you heard me. I know not a lot of you are willing to pay professionals as they can be pricey but then again, professionals know what to do. They know how to bring in money; this is why their services also cost a lot. But if you are willing to invest on a professional that can give you the social presence you need then know that you will be paying a few thousand dollars. If it works out then what you invested will be found in the long run. The question however is, are you willing to take the risk all for the name of social presence? If you are then find someone who can help you with that and be known.

Create a personality. Ever noticed that popular people have some sort of alter ego? Take a look at Shane Dawson for example, he was first known for his character Shanaynay. If you don’t know who Shanaynay is then go search for her on YouTube. You can also create the same idea, although it’s up to you if you want to go crazy on camera like Shane Dawson did. If you want to blend in the world of social media then you have to know the tricks. Your personality doesn’t necessarily have to be someone wacky like Shanaynay but you can think of something fun and creative. If you can do this then you will surely get the attention you need.

In conclusion, making an impact on social media is not that easy but you now know some of the best strategies to win it. Once you get your moment of impact, make sure that you know how to keep it floating. Who knows, you may just be the next big thing we all can look out for!

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