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How Twitter can help you in SEO

Ever since Twitter came to surface online, many people have been addicted to this site. Don’t get me wrong, it took me a while to use this social media since it wasn’t really my thing to tweet everything that I do. Anyway, since I joined this band wagon, there are a few things that I have noticed in Twitter that you can use in search engine optimization. SEO in Twitter? Why not! After all, you need to maximize your grounds if you wish to be successful online, right?

One thing you should know about Twitter is that it can be very useful if used properly. Other than your daily rants or rage, your tweeting can be used in a good way. What am I talking about? Well there are a few things that Twitter can be used for and here are some of them:

Marketing via Tweeting – possible? Yes! However, you can do this in a subtle way as Twitter is known to be a place for gossips, news, and other personal updates about whose lives. DON’T use Twitter as your main path in marketing as this will not work out! If people find out you are advertising your site, they might just turn you down. Worse, block you in their twitter feeds. So if you want to use Twitter as one way of marketing, keep it subtle. Don’t be all too flashy.

Making your mark – if you have a brand or product that you would like to introduce in Twitter make sure that you tweet it in a way that it doesn’t sound like you are spamming people online. Trust me, people hate spammers and will get rid of them as soon as they know they are being spammed. If you want your product to be known then be friendly. Introduce it in a way that people will be interested in your niche. Be creative! Your followers might just retweet your product if they find it hilariously interesting. See my point? If this is your aim then you just need a creative introduction. Keep in mind that the characters on Twitter are limited to about 140 so you have to make most of what you are posting. If this becomes successful and people will notice it, boom! You just made your Twitter presence! So make sure that you are creative in letting people know about the goods you are selling.

Free Feedbacks! – of course, one of the best benefit with using Twitter is the feedback. If you have a bunch of followers, it’s easy to get ideas and suggestions. The feedback you get can help you see if you are making any progress with what you are doing or if your product is getting any interested consumers.

Connecting with other Social Media Sites – if you want to expand your grounds, Twitter can help you with that by connecting you with other social media. It’s either you follow them and make your presence known by retweeting what they are posting or you can connect with them by tagging. Depending on your target audience, it’s really easy to make your presence known to others and let them see what you have to offer.

Getting followers – of course, the most important of all, to get followers, this is probably the main idea of what Twitter is all about. In order to do that, make informative conversations to post. Give your audience something to think about or better yet, something useful for them to apply in their daily lives. If you have a blog that gives advices and you want people to take a look at what you have to say then create a conversation that will make them interested in that blog.

Use your Keywords – when tweeting, don’t forget to use the keywords that you want. If you want to make your ranking among search engines then make sure that your Twitter account is also optimized, this way your tweets will not be in vain. If not then Google will not know that your tweets are relevant and you might just lose the chance of being indexed.

There are many ways to use Twitter in SEO. These are just among the many uses. Make sure that you apply these in your search engine optimization and may they be helpful in your web ranking. Good luck!

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