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Things you don’t know about SEO

The world of SEO isn’t always nice. The truth is there are a few things you don’t know about SEO that might shock you. This article will explain these things to you but just know that I am in no way advertising or encouraging the use of these strategies/knowledge known in SEO. This is why you need to understand these truths first and see why they are not encouraged.

To those who are not in the SEO world and had just discovered it, search engine optimization is indeed an interesting area to be in. In fact, there are many techniques on how you can win in this field. White Hat and Black Hat SEO strategies as well as link spamming are among the famous tricks that you can use if you aim to be the number one site online.

However, though these tips are helpful and some of them actually work, Google will tear down websites that are not following the guidelines for SEO building. This being said, it is important that you are careful about using spamming, black hat SEO and other methods.

On the other hand, I will let you know about the one truth that is a bit different from what is told to us. Here are some of the things that you need to know about SEO:

Did you know that popular and common strategies used in search engine optimization easily die out? This is because sites that have effective SEO strategies are always short-lived since everyone is using them. So how can you be of advantage when everyone knows your techniques? This is why the most effective ways are always ineffective. It may contradict your belief but yes, it has been proven many times in the world of search engine optimization.

Another thing that you probably didn’t know, spamming actually works. Link spammers are still making their hit these days even though there are many ways to disable them. This is because search engines can’t stop them as long as they are used as references. This may surprise you but there’s income generated from link spamming! Take a look at blogs for example. If you own a blog, have you ever noticed those links being posted on your comment section? This is another way that spammers make a living. Keep in mind that they will place these spams everywhere and even if only a few of their links pushes through, it’s enough for them to stay online and make money.

Last but not the least, another thing that you have to know about SEO is that, black-hat SEO strategies are more effective than white-hat techniques. Yes, it is effective. As much as search engines want to keep those websites that are using organic ways to get ranking, many website owners are still using black-hat SEO techniques. Why? Again, because they are effective.



Now that you have an idea about SEO, I am hoping that you will not try and use these techniques. Sure they work but then again, this is trickery. It will be unfair for those who are working hard to get to the top. Besides, if in case you did use these strategies and Google finds out, your website might be burned down. So I suggest that you play it safe and follow rules. This way you don’t need to worry about getting trashed by search engines. Makes sense, doesn’t it?




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