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SEO as your Career: the Pros and Cons

Looking for the right career these days can be really tough. It is much harder if you don’t like what you are doing. This is why many college graduates today settle for less when they could really go out there and make their mark. I know how it feels as I am one of those few who never liked what I took for college but was compelled to do so anyway, this is another story. For those who are in a dilemma about what they want in their life, why not consider SEO as a career?


This may sound crazy but yes, this industry can be a good career! Of course, you must first know what this is all about; otherwise you will only waste time on something you don’t want to do. As my rule goes, love your work and your work will love you! SEO may seem to be a hard or confusing industry but once you get to know it, you might just change your mind.

Here are some of the good reasons why you should consider SEO as a career:

Forward we go!

There is a HIGH demand for SEO services today – ever wonder why people even have websites? This is because the internet is a booming industry. Many people have proven to earn money from the internet and this is all because of SEO’s help. Yes, many people have been using SEO services in order to be on the number one among search engines. This is why many people have chosen SEO as their career. Not only are they able to help other people but they are also profiting from this. SEO services today are on the rise and will continue to do so as long as people need them. So think about it.

Search Engine Optimizers make money – don’t believe what people say that optimizers don’t make money! Truth is, they do make money and lots of it. An average SEO optimizer can make as much as $80-$100K each year! If they work solo then can even earn more. So if you want to work on this field consider the benefits. It’s still a growing industry so you might just get your own pace and be one of those successful SEOs.

There is always room for new learning – SEO is a constant and ever changing field. You may learn one thing today and a new one tomorrow. It is a continuous process of education. SEO is not only web designing or development. It is more than that, this is why it is an interesting career to have as learning does not stop in one area alone.

There are people who have successful SEO careers – if you browse online, you may find some of the most successful SEO experts and their story on how they started in their career. You may be surprised that it wasn’t that easy when they first started and so make these people as your inspiration. Keep in mind that success does not come over night and so you could be one of the many successful people in this industry if you chose it to be.

Where there are good sides to SEO, there are also the down side of this career. Here are some of the cons of SEO as your career:

Constant changes in SEO trends – you may find this a bit stressful as there are many trends in SEO that you must learn and follow. If you want a successful career then you must be updated with your techniques and strategies.

Can be frustrating – it is a fact that search engines are the only thing that can keep SEOs running. Sometimes these search engines can be unpredictable as they constantly change their algorithms. Even the most experienced SEO can’t really tell when these changes happen and so they need to really study the search engines well. So it is not surprising that you get frustrated once algorithms occur, especially if you have made everything perfect only to be dropped by search engines’ algorithm updates.

Frustration is not new in SEO!

Requires you to be patient – this is because the work in SEO does not have a daily routine. Understand that results in this job take time and this is why you need to be patient about it. You must be motivated in this job as you will encounter many challenges if you aim to be on top.

The use of Black Hat SEO – this is one of the most common techniques in this industry and also one of the most unfair strategies. Though search engines are making ways to stop these techniques, many people in the SEO field are still using this to gain advantage of their competitors. So if you are an honest to goodness SEO optimizer, it will be hard for you to keep up with others who are using this technique.

In closing:

Always choose your decisions wisely. Choose well and have a happy career!

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of SEO as a career, take your time and think about it. Don’t rush and always weight your options and when you do you can be successful in this industry too!




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