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How to Generate Website Traffic with Facebook

A lot of people are using Facebook as a way to communicate with their friends and families. But did you know that you can use this social network to direct traffic to website? To those who are new in search engine optimization, this could be very helpful. You can definitely use Facebook as your means of getting the target audience that you want. However, in order to get the right traffic, you must also know how to use this social network. If not then you will only waste time and effort. Here are some useful tips on how you can use Facebook’s services.

First of all, your Facebook profile is very important. This will be your best weapon. In order to attract your traffic, make your profile interesting. Post description about your page and make sure to include interesting facts and information for your readers to see. Make your profile setting on public to this way it will be easy for your viewers to find it. The more “likes” your page gets will also determine how many people have visited and found your profile interesting. So make sure that you create a page that is interesting enough for people to view.

Photos are important. This is something that I have noticed myself. Whenever I visit a profile page that sells items, I always go directly to the photos. I make sure that I find something that I like to buy. If there are no interesting items then I skip it and browse other profiles. So if you have a Facebook profile, make sure that you upload pictures of the items that you buy. Make use of the description button and give it brief but useful information. This could be your site’s strength as people are always attracted to pictures. Once they know what products you are selling then it will be easy for them to click on your link and see what else they can find.

For your Facebook profile to be successful, you need supporters. Share your Facebook link among friends, people you know and even family members. Once the word is out that you have a website through Facebook, it will be easy for them to find your site. Though it may take time but it is good to know that people are talking about your page. Sooner or later you will see that there will be people visiting your website.

Be active on posting and even interacting with people on your page. This way they know that your account is alive and in use. Sometimes, people create Facebook pages but they lack putting posts and updates. So instead of having an active account, they end up deactivating it because people are no longer interested. So make sure that post daily and interact with the people who are visiting your page.

Putting up RSS feeds with links to your website’s blogs and other boxes can also help increase your traffic. As you know Facebook can be linked with many sites so you can also do that on your website. This way you know that people can follow your posts.

If you still think that you are getting less traffic then you can also advertise through Facebook. There are Pay Per Click advertisements on Facebook that works like Adwords campaign too. So you can definitely make use of that.

In conclusion, these are all helpful ways to generate traffic to your site. Facebook is a great social network that you can use however, there are no guarantees that it can always work out. There will be times that it may fail/unsuccessful but that will totally depend on how determined you are to use this as part of search engine optimization. So do use it well, good luck!

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