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Want More Website Traffic? Here’s How to Do it For Free

The key to your website’s success if with the help of website trafficking. Without proper traffic, no one will know that your site even existed and so it is important to generate good traffic on your site with the help of SEO. There are many ways to do website trafficking and most of them can be done without any charges. Here are some of the effective ways to generate traffic into your site.

Being visible among search engines – one of the major ways to generate traffic is to optimize your site for search engines. Being visible for search engines to find is a powerful way to get traffic for free. Of course, you need to be sure that your site is optimized very well. If you don’t know how to optimize your website, you can start reading about them and learn from tutorials.

Content is important – another way to generate traffic is by updating your contents. A good content with the right keywords can help direct traffic to your site. If you have useful and informative content then you may just get a loyal audience who will be coming back for more information from your contents. If you have interesting contents then your site will appear among searches and search engines will give you credit on that.

Use your social networking sites – I know you have heard me say this but social medias are good tools to promote and share links to your website. Use them and know how to use them properly. Don’t just use them for the sake of being in but rather know the trends among these social networking sites and use that in your advantage. There are no charges in creating a Facebook page or Twitter account so you might as well grab the opportunity to advertise or promote your website through these tools. Though yes, it will take a lot of time to gain followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook but once you get the momentum, make use of it. It’s for free so you might as well use it to its full potential!

Get linked with other sites with the same niche as yours – this is another way to create traffic to your site. By linking with bigger sites who have the same niche as yours will increase your chances of getting traffic. This is good especially if you have created links with famous sites. If you don’t know which site to follow then you can get backlinks from bakclink builder tools. Just be careful when you do exchange links with sites. Some sites create more harm than being helpful.

Use viral contents – one of the best ways to get traffic is by using viral contents. This could be a viral video, content or even image. These viral contents can be the latest ones that are trending among social networks or YouTube. You can use this to create an impact on your viewers however, make sure that the viral content is relevant to what you are promoting in your website.

Using your URL in your signature – ever when into forums or chats? These places are frequently visited by thousands even millions of people. If you post an interesting topic and people liked it, use your signature with your site’s URL. This way they can click your name and at the same time direct them to your site. Clever way isn’t it? But yes, it can work! These forum and chat rooms are free so make sure you use it well.

Promote your site offline – thought this is the age of computers and most people are online these days, promoting or advertising offline is still one of the most effective ways to get people’s attention. Yes and you can use it very well to divert traffic on your site. One of the best ways to promote offline is by giving away business cards with your website’s name on it. You can also use advertisements on newspapers, give away flyers and even make merchandises. Though this one may allow you to spend money at one point, it is still one of the best ways to generate website traffic.


It’s not always easy to get the traffic you need. It may take time and it will take a while before people come in pouring on your site however, you can always try these tips. Apply them properly and you will reap the harvest of what you have worked for.

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