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SEO Web Designs You Should Avoid

One of the important things that you should consider when getting your web design is to make it SEO friendly. It may be confusing but in order for you to get the job done, you need to find a good web designer. If search engine optimization is your concern then you need a really good design that will help your website. Truth be told, web designers are sometimes hard to deal with. However, you need something that focuses on SEO. There are many great web designers out there who only focuses on heavy graphics and does not care whether they are SEO friendly or not. For them, it’s none of their business and so they focus on their craft.

If your focus is to get a good standing in search engines then hire a SEO-proficient web designer. This way you can make use of his talent and at the same time help you get the ranking that you need. If you only hire a web designer who doesn’t know anything about SEO then you will only end up paying double as you will find something you can help you get the ranking you need. Make sure that you web design you have is SEO friendly. Here are some of the common web design you should avoid:

Avoid designs that rely on Flash – if this was the beginning of internet days then probably something with Flash would be effective. However, these days are gone and people are looking for something simpler but with charm. However, many web designers believe that this will still look good but truth is, search engines can’t read Flash. Yes, it could be “artsy” when you have Flash on your website but if you want to rank better with search engines then a website with simple HTML can rank better than Flash. So you better find an HTML version of your site if you want to be ranked. Better yet just avoid this for your own site’s good.

Lots of images and not text for anchors – another common web design problem. Some have more images compared to text anchors and so search engines can’t read them. Keep in mind that if you want to get ranked, you need text anchors and not images. It is easier to use text than pictures because it’s more functional than images. So if you want a good website, make sure it used fewer images.

Very few links – linking is important for that site that needs a rank. Internal links are also called backlinks, they are important to every website that aims to have ranking. However, you need to know where these links are connected if you aim to be indexed by search engines. If your site doesn’t have enough links then how in the world will search engines find you?

Overly optimized – some websites are overly optimized. This can also be a problem. Though it is important to be optimized, overstuffing your keywords or content may penalize you. Worse, you can be banned from search engines because they will assume you are using black hat SEO! So make sure that your web designer knows how to do it. This way your site can be SEO friendly.

Messy web codes – if your site has messy codes or the amount of codes you have are in excess, your site might be excluded from search engines. Your web designer must be able to clean up the codes he uses in your website. Keep it clean and make sure that your site can be indexed by search engines.

Using URLs that are not SEO friendly – using URLs that can’t help you with SEO is going to be difficult. Though you can change them but you might also do some changes with your own site. This will only be expensive on your part and your web designer might not even like the thought of it.

In closing, these are some of the web designs you should avoid. Keep in mind that even if the design is great but won’t get you decent rankings among search engines then this is not going to help. Make sure you get a good web designer to help you with that. Good luck!


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