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Tips on How to be an Awesome SEO Guest Blogger

I have mentioned in my previous blog that you can use guest blogging as a good SEO campaign tool. However, when you do become a guest blogger, it doesn’t mean that you can just write anything you like. Keep in mind that good and quality content must be written in order to make it effective. So when you are writing as a guest blogger you have to make sure that your content is something that people will like enough to share it around with others. If you don’t, then you are not an effective guest blogger. So how can you write efficiently as a guest blogger? Here are some of the best tips that you can use.

You must write quality contents – as I have mentioned above, you must write contents with quality. This means that you have to write something that readers can benefit from. Keep in mind that readers today are a lot smarter than you think and they will always look for content with good quality and one where they can benefit from. Don’t just write something because you are compelled to. This will only look uninteresting and your readers might not want to even read it. Write something that can benefit them and will make them check your site or blog. This way it’s a two way benefit.

Your contents must be all original – besides writing a good quality content, it must also be all-original. Make sure that you have researched and read about what you have to write. Follow the blog owner’s guidelines of where you will be a guest blogger too. Don’t even try to copy other contents; you might be sued for plagiarism.

Must have proper format – of course, you need to know how the owners want your blogs to be. Ask for the format, the fonts used and the size. Keep in mind that some blog owners have their own specifications when it comes to these things. If you can do this according to their liking then it will save them a lot of time.

Images/pictures are helpful – you can make your blog post great by adding pictures or images related to what you are writing. This way when your readers find it, they will be interested in reading. This will grab their attention more so make use of images.

Be in partner with the blog owner – working with the blog owner is important. Since you will be writing as a guest blogger on his site, it is important that you take time and know what his readers are looking for. Talking to him/her will give you a better background on what kind of blog readers you are dealing with. It can help both of you get the traffic that you need by targeting the right readers.

Use SEO – of course, this is the reason why you want to be a guest blogger in the first place. Take time to do some search engine optimization on your post. Use what you know in optimizing content such as using the relevant keywords in the title as well as body. Don’t just leave the optimization to the blog owner. If this works then you will have great traffic and profit for a long time.

Personality is the key – in order for your content to not be boring, you need to put some spice in it. Write something fun and create a voice for your audience. It’s easy to write something but it’s easier when you add your own personality to your content. This way your readers will not be bored when they read your article. Make it funny, humor is something that people can relate to easily! So make sure that you include that in your post and see how your readers will respond to it.

Be interactive – when you receive a comment, reply back. Respond in a professional manner and make sure you address them properly. Interaction is the key which will make your post popular. This will bring both the blog owner and you the right traffic that you need.

If you really aim to be good at guest blogging, take your time. Don’t rush and make a confusing content. This will not be a successful SEO campaign. Instead, take time to read and compare your research before you decide to write an article. This way your content is unique and informative and at the same time effective in search engine optimization. Guest blogging is an opportunity, so make sure your content counts!

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