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The Must-Have Skills of a SEO

Remember how I always talk about hiring a SEO with skills for your website? Remember when I told you to hire someone with the expertise? Well, these are all true but we really don’t know what these “skills” are. In fact, we really don’t have any idea how they operate or what set of skills one must have in order to become a SEO. Keep in mind that a SEO team is composed of people with different skills and together they form the best experts in this field.

However, not all people in that team are great. Some have really good skills on a particular are while there are also others that are not. So basically, they work like any other professional team with skills different from each other. In order for this team to work, here are the must-have skills of a SEO:

Must be able to handle and solve problems – no problems are the same, at least this is what you should know when you are in the SEO industry. You will be facing different kinds of problems and this may require a lot of research for solutions. It could be a problem of the website or a potential problem that can occur. Keep in mind that every SEO plan is different from another and the solutions may also differ that is why you must have problem solving skills.

Must be able to make decisions – in search engine optimization, decisions are constantly made. This is because things constantly change in this field too. That is why you need to make assumptions quickly and be able to apply them accordingly. Keep in mind that you will not always have the statistics you need to make the perfect decision but you must always be ready with your back-up plans in order for things to work.

Must know how to prioritize – there are many things that needs to be done in SEO but you need to know which one comes first and which ones follow. This way it will be easy for people in your team to follow the flow you created.

Must be able to analyze – search engine optimizers are not called experts if they don’t know what they are doing. Another important skill that a SEO must have is to be able to analyze a problem fast. This way, they can figure out which is the problem and work on it.

Must have the research skills – in SEO, research makes the work. This means you know where to get the resources and must have updated searches. Keep in mind that SEO’s work is mostly consist of researching the right keywords, knowing their competition, analytics and detect any search engine changes. So if you have the skills in searching the right information then it will be easy for the search engine optimization team to work on a plan that can help get the top ranking of websites.

Must be able to write/apply codes – they need to be familiar with meta tags as well as the basics of web designing. These are important in web building. It is their job to figure out how to be inside the mesh of these two important aspects of the site.

Must have the ability to write useful contents – since web contents are important, a SEO expert must be able to write quality contents to feed websites that they are working on. They must know how to write contents that will earn them the traffic they need. A good content must be able to follow trends too. This way they are fresh and updated. Though it is a fact that some SEO hire writers to do the content writing, they must still provide a content of their own in order for it to be truly successful.

Must be flexible at all times – since there’s always constant changes in search engine optimization, a good SEO must be able to switch strategies without making any big changes in their work.

Must have the desire to learn new things – as I have mentioned change is constant in search engine optimization. It is important that they have the desire to learn new things in order to enhance their work. If you really want to have unique skills then it is important that you want to know more about optimization.

Must have people skills – this means you need to be able to handle people and you must have the ability to talk to them. Since you will be facing all sorts of clients, it is important that you know how to deal with them. There will be times when you will be facing short tempered clients and at times clients who value their money. It is important that you know how to talk the talk of these people and handle them like a pro. After all, SEO is not just about websites, it’s about people’s websites. So in order to work on websites, you must deal with the owners. Having a good relationship with your clients is always a good thing to have.

So if you are still wondering what do SEO experts have that they can get the job done? All of these! If you are planning to be one of these optimizers someday then you must have these skills. This way your search engine optimization can be effective too.


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