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There’s No Such Thing as SEO Magic, so why do the Tricks?

Search engine optimization is not always easy. Yes, in fact it never was! This is the truth and because SEO is hard, we often want an easy way to do it. This is why we often look for the best way to make the work faster and for the optimization to be a lot better. However, the more we search for “ways” the more harder SEO seemed to be. I will let you know now that SEO is not magic and so it is best to stop looking for these tricks.

Of course, some of these “tricks” do work! If they didn’t then webmasters won’t use them in the first place however, we all get used to these tricks that we end up doing the same thing over and over again. We rely on these techniques for the sake of our ranking though it isn’t a bad thing to do. We rely on them so much that we forget that search engines like Google have updates and algorithm changes! Because of this, there’s a chance that your website can be cleaned out by these updates. Now that would be a horrid thought but yes, there is a possibility that these updates can and will eliminate your website if you rely too much on these so-called SEO tricks.

Let’s face it; it’s not easy to work on codes, links and contents just to have it changed over and over again. It’s easier to build them and have people share them than doing them again, right? It’s even less stressful not to explain why such changes are done on websites and we all want something easy. However, this is not the case with SEO and we constantly need to work on our techniques in order to get the results we want.

There are no tricks but there are things that you can do to keep your website up and running. You can continue doing these and they have proven to be effective in terms of SEO.

-          When you create contents for your website, make sure that they are interesting. Keep them fresh and updated. Keep up with the latest trends. This way your readers will be interested in reading your material. Make sure that you design your contents in a way that isn’t boring to your readers.

-          If you can, find out what are the latest trends in terms of searches. Know what people are using when they search for your product. Make sure that you talk about your products in a way that it doesn’t sound too crazy or desperate for sales.

-          If your site has broken links, fix them. Check if there are things “leaking” in your site and make sure to fix them. Running a broken website is like driving a beat up car. It can give in anytime. So do some check-up and delete unwanted things in your website.

-          In order to get ranked, make sure that search engines can see your page and not just one page but all the pages of your website. So read the content and understand what the page is all about. Use the right keywords on each pages, this way it will be easy for search engines to see your site.

-          Create links with other websites. Choose a good and reputable website for these links. Just make sure that they are of the same niche as yours so that you can have the traffic you need.

-          Most importantly, make your visitor’s experience great when they visit your site. This means that you have to provide them with the information they need and the services they are looking for. After all, this is how you earn your profits. So make sure that these visitors will come back again for more.

Of course, there are a lot of changes in SEO. We can’t really stop that, in fact, there are now many tools used in SEO as compared to the previous years. Though things did changed, there are still stuffs that remained that same. It’s just up to you how you adapt to these SEO changes and what you can do to keep up with it.

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