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Characteristics of a Great Domain Name

Searching for domain names can be a frustrating assignment. This is because it is an important pillar of your internet business and in SEO a good domain name will be the cornerstone of your website’s great success. So how can you find them? How can you identify if the domain name is really good? Here are some of the best characteristics of a good domain name.

Keep it short – good domain names must be short. Though it is not restricted as to how many number of characters you should aim for but keeping it short is always a good idea. Try thinking of a domain name not exceeding 10 characters but if you want to go the extra mile then don’t try to exceed 20 characters. Short domain names are better because they can be easily remembered. Take note of Twitter’s domain name or Tumblr. It’s short and catchy, so you may want to create something like that too. Facebook is another good name you can find. It’s short and easy to remember. So do keep your domain name simple and short.

They are easy to spell – you don’t want your visitors to misspell your domain name and end up in another site, right? So if you can, keep it simple, readable and easy to remember. Don’t try to combine it with other foreign words or words that are hard to pronounce. Though it is creative to combine words, just remember that they are not always successful. If you want people to remember your domain name, make it easy to spell. This way your visitors can go directly to your website.

Must have a .com extension – some organizations prefer to register a .org domain. However, a .com domain is always the best bet to have. This is the most popular extension that’s being used by people all over the world. Keep in mind that when people want to visit a website, they don’t always pay attention to the URL. They prefer using the name and follow it with a .com. So if your site is not what they want then they will just go to another site. So you must have a .com extension if you want people to go directly to your page.

They must be brandable – a good domain must be brandable. This means they have a nice pronunciation, an appealing and interesting combination of letters. Sometimes, they can be descriptive but not always. When we say brandable domains, it simply means your visitors can associate with your site’s name. However, non-descriptive domains are also as effective as descriptive ones. Take a look at – this domain name alone doesn’t give you an idea what it is but hey, this site is one of the most popular blogs there is! So yes, you can also think of a creative name like that.

Must have no numbers or hyphens in the name – domain names with numbers or hyphens are cheap, this is true. However, they are not always successful. For example, let’s say there’s a website called Most people will just type in and will forget that there’s even a hyphen in between. Same goes with domains with something like, this will only confuse users and will eventually forget about it.

In closing, if you really want a good domain name, keep it simple, readable and most importantly, short yet creative. This way people can easily remember your site. Though yes, it is a tough job to find a good domain name that will click in the internet market but don’t lose hope just yet. Take not of these characteristics and you will eventually find the best one that will work for you. Good luck!



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