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SEO Tips: How to Let Readers Read Your Content? Make Them!

You can write as much content as you like but if your readers find it boring or unappealing then what’s the use? In fact, there are many ways that your reader might not even want to read your content with just one look at it! Possible? Of course! That is why it is important that you know how to attract your readers. Tickle their funny bone and make them read what you have to say.

Is there a magic trick? No, but I can always tell you how and why you should do it. Keep in mind that contents can make or break your website or blog site. You have to make sure that the content you post is something worth reading.

As a marketer, your goal is to keep visitors coming for more from your site. Contents can help you with the traffic that you need if done correctly. So make it your priority to post contents that are interesting, unique and something that your readers will be curious of! Most of the time writers get lost in creating contents, this is true. The problem is that they don’t lead people to spring into action! How can you possibly get the traffic you need when you don’t even have the mind of a reader?

What I mean to say is, put yourself in your reader’s shoes. If you seen the article you just posted, would you even bother to click on that and read all about? Or you are just merely putting contents to meet up with what your boss told you to? If this is what you have been doing all this time then you are only wasting your time!

How do you want your readers to be after they see what you have posted? Were you able to reach out to your readers? Did you made an impact to their thoughts? – These are some of the things you want to think about if you are writing content. This is important if you want to gain readers on your content. Make sure that you can “drive” their thoughts to what you want them to read.


Make it provoking/provocative – have you ever encountered a blog post with provocative titles? Were you curious? Perhaps even a bit offended with what the title said? If you were then that’s effective writing. The writer knows what he/she wants and so the title alone tells you that there’s something about it that you need to read. So why is it effective? By nature, our minds are curious. It is in our nature to wonder, to know. It is also in our nature to react when something’s not right and so eyebrow raising headlines can easily get our attention.

If you want your readers to read what you have to say then this is one way that you can do it. A provocative content can move emotions; it can easily create an impact to your readers. So if you are to write content, make sure that you include this element and see how it will work out for you.

Have a vision and mission – what is in your content that will benefit your readers? What will happen to them after they have read what you wrote? These are few of the things that you need to have in mind. Set a goal, if your goal is for your readers to become aware of their diets then make sure that what they have read can make them think about it. This is how your mindset should be. Create a mission, if you want people to change their eating habits then create a mission to “push” people to change their eating habits! Be bold and speak the truth about these things! This is one way to get their attention.

Must be relevant – writing content is not just because you want to post something on your blog or website. It should also be relevant to your audience. Always know what and who are reading your contents. Are they young adults? Businessmen perhaps? Homemakers? ALWAYS know your target audience and create a content that is suited for their age and minds. If your audiences are online marketers like yourself then certainly you are not to write something about the latest Pixar movie now, would you?

It should be timely – besides being relevant, a good content must be timely. By timely, I mean being fresh and updated. It should be something that covers new news. It should be something that people are talking about. It should be something that people would love to see and read about. If you can do that your content will be something that people want to browse through.

Be the master of your content – of course, this is very important. Always know what you are talking about. Mastering the thought of your content is something you should be aware of. Some writers write for the sake of writing only to find out that what they are writing is not making any sense! You don’t want to confuse your readers now, would you? Keep your train of thought in line when you are writing, this way your readers can actually say “Aha! Now here’s someone who knows what he is talking about!”.

In conclusion, to create an impact in your readers is not impossible. It can be done! If you think you can’t then why even bother writing? This type of attitude will only bring you more negative thoughts. Now that you know how to do it, go ahead and try! Keep in mind that practice makes perfect and writing excellent contents does not grow overnight. It takes time, patience and of course, the right steps to follow. So write and write until you become one of the best. After all, you can’t fight if your sword is dull, so keep sharpening it and you will victory!




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