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Want More Web Traffic? Use Pictures!

I have been browsing blogs for some time now and one thing that I have noticed is that there are blogs with little or no images at all. If you are not the type who uses images on blog posts then this is the time you should. Truth is, you can make use of images as a tool for driving traffic to your website too.  In fact, this has proven to be one of the best tools used in SEO.

Yes, you heard me. You can definitely drive traffic to your site with the use of images. However, in order to do that, you must know how to do it. Here are some helpful tips that you can use.Understand that pictures can always say a thousand words. The message is always clearer when there’s a picture involved. Why do you think a lot of people upload pictures? It’s about telling others what they have seen or happened at a certain moment.  This can also be incorporated with the images you post in your blogs or content.

I will keep this short and simple as I have read a lot of tips on how you can use pictures to divert traffic in your website. I will break them down in simple terms so that it will be easy for you to use:

Target your audience – understand that men and women look at pictures differently. Always think from your reader’s point of view. What do you think they would like to see? Are the images you will be posting interesting? Once you know what your target audience wants to see then it will be easy for you to find the images you want to use.

Keep it in average sizes – I have this problem lately where I am looking for a particular picture and the size of the picture I want comes in a humungous size! You really don’t want to put something that will overshadow your content right? As much as that picture is awesome, you need to find the right size and format (e.i jpeg, png, gif) according to what you need. However, don’t post something so small that will make your post boring. Keep it average, not so small yet not too big. This way it will be easy to upload and post.

Use a relevant image – as far as there are many awesome pictures online, try using those that are relevant to the content you are writing. This way your readers are not confused. Sometimes, it is tempting to put an image that doesn’t belong in your content only to jazz things up but if it doesn’t connect with what you have to say then what’s the point? It’s like you are talking about bananas and then posting a picture of a ship! So make sure that when you do post a picture, it is according to what you have to say.

Exactly my point Lisa!

Use the correct keywords – make sure that you make use of the captions. Use the right keywords when you do describe the captions for the image that you will be using. This way search engines can pick up your keyword in your picture and see what your content is all about. This is a good tool to divert traffic to your site.

Use catchy images – the first thing that people will see are images. Whether they are a good one or not, images can always make the post interesting. However, it is important that you use unique and catchy images. This is the best way to catch your reader’s attention. Images that are not only relevant but at the same time catchy will keep your readers curious about what you have in that post. So make sure that you find interesting ones to post along with your content.

Now this is one interesting picture!

Always use quality images – ever encountered blurry or pixilated pictures? Avoid using them. No matter how relevant they are to your post if they are not of quality, readers will not be interested in looking at it. So make sure that you use only high quality pictures. The clearer, the better.

Limit your images – I never said not to post any pictures, I said limit them. Some blogs or contents have more pictures than they actually say. As a result, their readers are overwhelmed with the images. So if you want to attract readers with your pictures, never overwhelm them. Leave something for their imagination too.

Always know when to stop posting images on your post.

These are some of the best ways that you can use images to drive traffic to your site. Keep note of them and make sure that you apply them on your next post. Pictures are always interesting, so use them well to your advantage. Good luck!

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