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Common Mistakes Done When Promoting Your Website in SEO

If you are a new website owner, it is easy to get carried away when it comes to promoting your site. This is because there are many awesome ways to do this and there are also many people who promise to give you the best advertisement. However, be very wary about people who cannot keep their word. SEO is a tricky business and if you have no idea what you are getting into, don’t trust people so easily. To avoid getting caught with the wrong people, understand the basics of SEO first. This is important if you want to know how to promote your website. Once you have understood what SEO is all about, then it will be easy for you to promote your website. Before you start promoting your website, know the common mistakes committed when promoting a website, this way it will be easy for you to avoid them when you promote your own.

Over Optimization – have you heard someone say “You can never go wrong with over optimization”? well tell them to trash that idea. Whoever said that is misleading you. Over optimization can kill your website instead of getting the ranking it needs. In the hope of getting the attention of search engines, many webmasters stuff their pages with keywords and phrases. This is done by mentioning it a lot of times and because of this, the page content doesn’t make any sense. Because of this, search engines will penalize the site or worse, ban it and consider it as a spam. Keep in mind that even if you put a hundred keywords in your site, you will never get high ranking on the search engine results page. So if you want to aim for the best, use you keywords wisely and in moderation. This way you can keep your website alive and ranking.

Small texts stuffed with keywords – like keyword stuffing, this method has been used before. It is similar to keyword stuffing except that this is in very small text, almost unreadable to the site visitors. It does not attract the visitor rather; it allows the search engines to detect it. If search engines find out that you are doing this, you will be penalized so better not promote your site this way if you want to keep it running.

Keywords that are unrelated – if you are to promote your website, make sure that you use only the keywords that you have. Using unrelated keywords is one of the common mistakes that people do when they are promoting their site. Some use them in meta tags with the hopes that they can be found search engines. Although this sometimes works, people who are browsing online may find that your site is not related to what they are looking for will simply ignore your site. That is why it is important that you only optimize your website with the keywords that you are using and is relevant to your site. Otherwise your potential customers will not be your actual customers in the future.

Use of invisible text – this method is the use of relevant text but the color of that text is the same as the background of the web page. Because of this the search engines can’t see it but online users will. So if customers found the keyword it will still be the same as getting the traffic however, this method must not be used. Keep in mind that search engines are smarter these days and have already dealt with this kind of trick. So if a search engine finds out you are using invisible text, you will not only be given a penalty, you could also be banned from the search results pages. So if you want to promote your site properly, don’t use this kind of method.

Promoting your site is never easy. In fact it takes a lot of time before you can get the ranking you need but if you are consistent with your strategies and if you use white-hat SEO techniques then sooner or later, you site can be found. Just be patient, after all, good things comes to those who wait. Good luck!


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