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SEO Tips on How to Blog Responsibly

As a blogger you have responsibilities too. Just because you are not seen by your readers and you only post contents that don’t mean you have no responsibility at all. In fact, being a blogger is more than that and with it you have responsibilities to fulfill. So what does being a responsible blogger mean? Being a blogger isn’t just about posting articles, you have a lot of things to do actually. To know the different responsibilities of a blogger, read this article.

Being careful with what you post is a good start for a blogger.

When you write content, don’t settle for “just content”, write a great content – some bloggers post contents that are less meaningful. This is the sickness of most bloggers. They fail to see that what they are posting can make or break their blog site or website. Most of the time, they put up more keywords in their content which will eventually be a bad thing for your blog. Keep in mind that Google is stricter these days and any bad contents will be directly cut off. So do make sure that what you write is relevant, clear and of value. This way Google will not consider your content as bogus.

Put limits on the text of your content – I have noticed that some bloggers like to talk in their blog. Most of the time, this gets them nowhere. Don’t get me wrong, I like to talk to my readers too. Other bloggers on the other hand like to post really, really, really long texts (a thousand words or sp per post) and this gets boring. Although the contents are informative, some readers will find it hard to digest everything that they have written. So if you are a new blogger, keep in mind to limit your texts to let say 200-500 words. Of course, that depends on what you want to say or the information of your content. Just keep it to a minimum, this way your readers will enjoy what you have to say.

Always know the limits of your posts.

Make use of images and videos – a good blog is not only composed of good content, it should also be interesting to look at. That is why you need to make use of images or videos. Of course, don’t put images or videos that are not relevant to your post, it will only look ridiculous. Use images and put caption in them to make it more interesting. This is a good way to entertain your readers!

Never over-use anchor texts – back the anchor texts seemed to be the best way to create links that can help boost up your content however, this is not as relevant today. Search engines like Google are no longer rewarding sites that are based on anchor texts alone. So make sure that you don’t use much of them on your blogs.

Blog as often as you can or better yet, create a schedule to post them – a website that has no blog content for a week can pull down your ranking. So keep in mind to blog regularly. If you need to do it twice a week, do so. Make it fresh and consistent.

Blog regularly.

Make use of social networks – share your posts on social networks. This is one way to gather traffic to your site. Put buttons on your blog to make sure that your posts are available to all. Get the message out there that you have quality contents worth reading. Once people know that you have quality posts, it will be easy to get a reblog. So do make sure that you use these social sites.

Find relevant news – another good way to be a responsible blogger is by finding news that relates to your niche or topic. Big stories that can relate to your article is always a good things. It’s like riding on the back of the news in order to increase the traffic on your site and getting your links shared to a bigger audience is even better. Do find news like this and make use of them, this is a good way to boost your site.

Re-blog related or relevant contents – this can make your blog going on days that you have no blog posts. It can also be another way to attract readers on your site. Just make sure that the content of what you are re-blogging is related to your niche.

Just make sure that you are reblogging something that is related to your niche!

Keep comments on moderate – spam comments can destroy your blog. Never allow spammers to post unrelated comments on your blogs. So do check each comments first before you approve it! If there are comments with links that are suspicious, delete them. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now that you know the ways of being a responsible blogger, apply these to your own. You will find that they are effective and your blogs is able to attract the right audience. Good luck!

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