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The Don’ts of SEO

For a beginner in the world of search engine optimization or SEO, work can be confusing. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of rules to keep in mind of. If you are one of those people who are just starting in SEO then it is best that you take a look at what are the things you should not do in search engine optimization. This way you can come out polished even for a starter. Here are the “don’ts” of SEO:

Don’t misspell your keywords – back then when search engines are not fully aware of this, wrong keywords can be counted as your keywords. However, internet has evolved over the years and search engines are now more sensitive. Wrong keyword spellings may be counted against you and could harm the ranking of your site. So try your best not to write the wrong spelling of your keywords in your content.

Don’t replace your text links with images – keep in mind that search engines are always looking for text links. So if you are too lazy to put text links and replace them with images then know that search engines will not credit your site for that. Links to images are always hard to follow compared to text links so don’t expect for these search engine crawlers to find your site right away. Try to CSS with your text instead of using images, this way it can be found by search engines.

Don’t use JavaScript when writing your content – search engines penalize sites for using JavaScript but at the same time, they don’t index the content of the scripts. So if you are using JavaScript to display the contents on your site then it will be hard to get high rankings for these pages.

Don’t try optimizing more than 2-3 keywords or phrases – this will only confuse search engines at the same time, using too much keywords will hard for search engines to find the right keywords. It will also be confusing on your readers since they won’t understand what you are trying to say. So instead of cramming it all up in one content, try to make other articles about each keyword. This way it’s more set and clear for search engines as well as your customers.

Don’t over stuff your keywords – keyword stuffing is a big no-no even before there were algorithm changes by Google. If you continue to do this on you contents, your site might get banned from search engines and you may have to start all over again.

Don’t use URL parameters – these parameters can be really confusing. Search engines will not easily understand and so they don’t rank dynamic pages as high static pages. So if you are to use these parameters, you better rewrite your static URLs for pages that are important.

Don’t use lengthy words in your URL – besides keyword stuffing in contents, keyword stuffing in URLs is also not allowed. Search engines will consider your URL as spam and your customers might think of the same. So if you can, avoid using long words in your URLs.

Don’t erase alt text for images – this is need in images inside the text. Always use an alternative text in your images so that search engines can recognize its relevance to your content.

These are some of the don’ts that you should apply in SEO. I am sure that there are more of these don’ts out there. Make sure that you are updated with the latest dos and don’ts in SEO. This way you can continue feeding your site with the right techniques that are recognized by search engines.

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