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SEO Tips: How to Write Hard-Hitting Headlines for Your Content


Making a good headline is part of our job as SEO writers!

As content writer, it is our job to make contents that are worth reading. It is our job to make the best quality of articles for our readers. It is our job to create SEO friendly contents. However, as much as we want to write fresh and updated articles/contents, it’s not all the time that we can think of something to write. Believe me I know the feeling of sitting in front of the computer for many hours but nothing worth writing ever comes out!.

It is a fact that creating unique stories/content requires time, research and a sense of imagination. However, keeping it interesting enough so that your readers may want to click and read it is something you should work hard on. How can you make a fantastic headline? Do you want a headline that will not only turn heads but tickle your reader’s curiosity as well? Here’s how you should do it.

First, get all the information you need. If you already have a niche then all you need is to follow that topic. Look around, there’s plenty of room in the internet so make sure that you check out the latest happenings around the internet. If you have Twitter, follow accounts that have the same niche as yours or better yet, set up a Google Alert account. This way you can get the latest news updates that you might find interesting to write about. Don’t forget to subscribe to Google News too, this way you are updated with new news every day. From here you can start contemplating on what you should be writing.

Choose only the best news each day. If you are writing every week then find news that tops all news for the week. Find news that are interesting and something that your readers might want to read about. A good writer must not only cover one topic alone though, you also need to include those topics that might provide information for potential customers. So this means that you need to touch other topics too. This is one way to attract visitors as well as customers to your website.

If you are going to write a headline, rewrite it in your own creative way and point of view. A headline that is written in your own perspective is always a good thing to do. That is if you really can but in case you don’t, send out a feedback form. You can do this by sending emails to other writers and ask them about a good headline title. If this is not as effective as you think, you can always share your thoughts with a bigger group. Ask for feedbacks from them, it will be easier for you to get the results you need rather than sending out emails which might take time to accomplish.

Lastly, when you are to rewrite a headline or story, make sure that you write it on your own point of view. Relate it to you audience but make sure that you cover the whole story with the exact details and not add or remove any information. Cite your sources, post the links where you found the story or who gave you the news and don’t forget to include quotes from your sources. If possible, include what other people think about the news and quote them as well. Maybe you can ask other writers about their opinion on the matter? Whatever works for you, just make sure that the details and information is not misleading. By doing so, confusion is avoided and your readers will appreciate what you have written.

In conclusion, writing a really good headline is not always easy. This is probably one of the hardest things any writer encounters. It’s not always easy to write fresh updates every day but this is our job. We have to learn it one way or another but once you know how to it, it will be easy as pie. So keep on writing, keep on practicing, keep on reading and keep on educating yourself on this. Your readers are waiting!



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