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Five Awesome Ways to Use Pinterest in Driving Web Traffic

Step back Twitter, set aside Facebook, there’s a new craze in town and it’s one of the most popular social media network of today. Friends, say hello to Pinterest. Yes, you may have probably heard of this new craze that people are signing up for. However, did you know that you can use Pinterest to drive the right traffic to your website? Interesting huh? if you want to know, read this article as I show the fir ways that you can drive traffic with the help of this social media.

Say hello to the newest craze online, Pinterest!

What is Pinterest? To begin with, this is the latest member to the social networks online. Many had defined this social media site as a combination of Tumblr and Flickr. Here you can publish your interests based on pictures. The idea is that each user has a theme board where he or she can pin stuff that they like. These “stuffs” are represented by the use of images. It could be memorable blog posts, recipes, craft projects and many more. Lately, this has been the fastest growing site in history and there are said to be about 10 million unique users every month! With all these visitors, you can definitely find your potential customers around here somewhere.

But how can you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website? This is the interesting part of it. Here’s how you can direct traffic on your site with the use of Pinterest:

Post images on your content – keep in mind that users on Pinterest create pinboards using images. Each blog you write should be attached with an image. Be careful enough to choose images that can attract your readers and at the same time relevant to your post. It should reflect the message of your content and at the same time fit the overall theme of your blog. For example, if your theme is all about desserts then you should always put interesting desserts to do as well as pictures of it. This way your readers can find it useful.

Interact with other users on Pinterest – since this is a new form of social media, it is always best to be in contact with other users. Users can follow their friends’ board or follow other members with interesting theme boards too. This way you can also increase the number of people who can view your profile.

Make use of the Pinterest Comments – like other social media sites, users of Pinterest can also leave comments. Make sure that you treat these comments as if they are blog comments. Interact with people who are leaving comments on your pins. You can also do this with other users too so make sure that you develop a good relationship with these users. This can help develop a good traffic to your site.

Integrate with Pinterest – this means that you need to have a special button on your page so that each post can be integrated directly with Pinterest. This button can also be used by other users by adding your post to their own boards. This way it can be easy for your followers to see your post thus increasing further traffic to your site. See if there’s a code for this button on Pinterest, adding this button will enhance the traffic flow to your site.

Show off your Blog – don’t be afraid to pin some of your own blog posts. However, you need to put limit too as these can annoy other users. What you need to do is to highlight some of your best posts from your archives. This way you are introducing some of your favorite items from your blog in a friendly manner.




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