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Reasons Why SEO Will Never Die Despite the Threats

Many of us may have heard threats in the world of search engine optimization. Threats of shutting it down and not use SEO anymore, not only that, recent algorithm updates have also made people think about investing on such business when it can all be erased in one snap. However, though these rumors are somewhat true, there are still other factors that will allow SEO to live as long as it can.

You are probably wondering what I am talking about and so to understand what I am trying to say, here are some of the reasons why SEO will never die out:

SEO makes money – yes, though many people are skeptic about investing in businesses online, truth is SEO does help you make money. If the website is done properly and the search engine optimization techniques used are according to the guidelines given by search engines, your opportunity to earn is there. In fact, proper optimization can allow great traffic to any website and because of this, profits are earned. Of course, where there is money, there’s always competition. You can’t avoid that, as long as the money comes in, someone will want to be ahead of you. Because of this, people will continue to invest on something that can give them more profits. This is why SEO will be around, because of the money it makes.

The use of SEO helps find customers and prospects – not all of us are internet savvy let alone website savvy. Because of this, we need someone who can do the job for us. SEO can help you when it comes to finding the right customers for your product. It can help boost the potential of your website and can help flourish your business. In fact there are many people who have been successful with their jobs or businesses because of SEO’s help. Let us face it, without search engine optimization, we can never find the right customers on our own let alone finding them online. We don’t know the ways to do it at once and even if we do, it can take time, effort and money to do so. This is why we need SEO for this matter.

SEO can bridge gaps – as I have mentioned, not all of us are able to understand how search engine optimization works. SEO helps those who are not familiar with this be familiar, if you get my drift. Communication is important especially if you are running a website and have people for you. This is why SEO is important as they help bridge the gaps in between. This is true since search engines like Google often changes the rules, so communication between those who are in optimization and people whose focus are not SEO are important.

There are many benefits in using the services of SEO – for those who are looking for ways to succeed in their online business venture, SEO is needed. They know what to do in terms of keywords, content, targeting audience, diverting traffic, creating links, analyze a website’s problem, use of social media, eliminating technical errors, optimizing video/contents, use of meta tags etc. Only those who have worked and have the skills in SEO can help your website become a success. That is why as long as there are people using the internet and business is profitable, optimizers are needed.

And so, to answer the question: Is SEO going to die? Perhaps not, not in a long time that is. As long as there are many people who are looking for ways to earn money online, these services will be around. As long as there are people who are not equipped with the best SEO knowledge, someone will come to help. As long as there are many interesting things to sell/produce etc online, SEO will be needed. Maybe in the future, there will be other ways to optimize as site but that’s still a long way to go and there’s always a room to learn. Experts in SEO will continue to learn new strategies and help those who are willing to be successful online. So yes, SEO will not die. At least not today anyways.

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