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Can Content Curation Help Your Site Ranking?

All of us are aiming for the number one spot on the top results. Because of this goal, we are now racing and competing with each other so that we can snag that place and enjoy the benefits of being the number site on the search results page. However, to get to the top is not that easy. Competition is fierce and there are many ways to get to be number one. That is why people with businesses online make use of SEO services. This is one way to beat your competition and earn the number one position.

Content curation is a good SEO tool for increasing your rankings.

SEOs are experts in this field. They know the rules and the methods to use. Among the many techniques, content curation has proven to be very useful. It has been used by many bloggers/writers as a means to direct traffic into a website. However, not all are able to do so and not everyone knows how to curate contents. So how can you use this content curation as a tool for driving traffic? Read below.

What is content curation? As defined, content curation is the act of gathering, presenting and discovering digital content that surrounds a specific subject or topic. To some it is known as the “Buzz word” in terms of content. Because of this, content curation is now becoming a marketing staple for many companies. This is especially true to those with successful online presence.

Content curation does not involved generating content; instead, they make use of contents from a variety of sources. Once they have gathered the content they need, curators then deliver a new content in an organized manner. Though not all curated contents are new, contents that have been curated are usually with relevant content pertaining to a specific category. They put all information for the readers in a mash-up style of writing.

Now the question remains, how can you use content curation in your rankings? When your site is frequented by visitors, it’s no question that your rankings will increase.  By driving the right traffic, you will be able to achieve this kind of ranking of course. Content curation helps by creating an authority for yourself or for your site in this matter. You can draw readers to your site and keep them coming because you are making great contents. It is also makes you a good writer since it allow you to write more content than it would take you when you are writing from scratch.

Content curation can also help you create backlinks faster because people or other sites will want to link with you. Keep in mind that you have the authority with these contents, so it is possible that some people will want to have link their blogs or websites with you. Since this is an effective tool, Google can rank your site with these quality contents and it will judge your site based on who shares your information. As a result, your rankings will increase in all search engines and note that you can always create more post as often as you. This will give you the chance of being indexed by Google and other search engines in the process.

Content curation is cool.

Though some people may think that this is a bad strategy for SEO and your site, but it is not. You are only curating a part of the information you find and you add your own perception on the content. You are taking the whole content from someone else’s site by copy-pasting. Overall, it is like quoting an author/writer and citing where the information was taken. This will still give you a unique content so search engines will not brand it as a duplicate.




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