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Scared of the Penguin and Panda? Don’t Be!: Tips to Overcome Google Updates

Every time Google makes an update, webmasters and website owners hang on for dear life. It is true that it can be a bit of alarming since you will not know what will change and what will remain in search engine optimization. But let us not fret from these updates as they can also give us a few lessons. In order to move forward, here are some tips that you can use in SEO after the Penguin and Panda updates.

Create quality contents and be consistent with it – I have mentioned this before, quality contents are important to search engines. The right use of keywords plus helpful information for the users/readers will help your site going. Search engines will find it easy to index quality content than those which are not done properly. Though I also mentioned that nothing is permanent in SEO, which is also true, creating quality contents however is something that you need to do. This way your site is alive and constantly drawing traffic!

Enrich domain authority – domain authority or brand building is important if you want your website to stay put even after a Google update. There are many ways to do this but in order for your bran to be famous, you have to make sure that the techniques you use are exceptional. This way you can show it off through contents that you post on the web or with the help of a great writer with authority on the niche topic. If the methods you use become popular, you have created a brand for yourself. The results of this are that people will want to know more of your product/services. The more popular you get, the more search engines can recognize you however, this cannot be done overnight. It requires time, efforts and a few investments but if you know that this is a sure fire, then why not keep it? Doing so will keep you on the right track.

Create natural anchor texts – yes, though it is unfair that search engines change their rules every time they create an update, you don’t need to be discouraged. Always remember to stick with the rules that Google announces and make sure that your content has a natural flow of anchor texts. Never use short nor create very long URLs. Use the generic words like “click here” or “read more” etc. whenever you can. Always use anchor texts that have your website’s URL and make sure that they are exactly the relevant site that your contents are linked to. Doing this will help search engines find your links better.

Be active on social media – you could have the right account on Facebook or you have been sending out tweets on Twitter but you may have not hit the right target of audience yet. So you need to be more active on social media and make sure that you are optimizing them well to get the right audience. Take note also of other social networks that you can use like Pinterest. Know how they work and use these sites to be your branch on SEO campaign. Don’t forget to use tags, post updates and interact with other social media users. This way you can spread the word on your product/services for the online world to see.

Keep links that are worthy – these days anyone is asking for a link to their blogs or a follow back. Although these are good tactics, they don’t work much. What you need to is choose the blogs or websites that you will be creating your links for. Always choose someone with the AUTHORITY in the niche that you have. If in case there are suspicious sites that wants to link with you, better check it well and see what they are up to. It’s better to be safe than sorry in the end. It would also be better if you message the Big Kahuna, Google, about these suspicious websites and their activities, this way the matter is handled by them.

Stop going back to the Penguin and Panda – honestly, there’s no point in going through these past updates since there’s no actually telling when and WHAT will be the next changes that Google will do. Even the most experts in SEO cannot give a concise prediction about what will happen nor do the ones that work in Google! So there’s no need to calculate and plan a device to stop Google from having these updates. What I am trying to say is stick to what you know best. Stick to the white-hat SEO methods that have worked on you and continue doing them. If in any case there are new effective methods that you can use, do it. But never forget the ones that have worked for you, this is one way that you can keep your own website working no matter how many algorithm changes there will be.

Be patient with SEO – we all know that the world of SEO is a huge race for the top spot among search engines results page. So what you need to do is be patient with the techniques you are using. Don’t hurry it, if you do, you might just end up doing the wrong things and start all over again. Worse, you can be banned by search engines if you use the wrong methods. So take your time and be patient. Results will not be gathered right away, this is true, which is why you need to be patient about it. Just keep doing what you know and always use the right SEO methods. This is the only you could do it.

Be patient in SEO, there’s no other way to do it!

Now that you know what to do, keep calm and carry on. All your worries will not do you any good! Make sure that you keep these things in mind and good luck!




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