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SEO Tips: Spammers You Should Avoid in Twitter

Having a Twitter account can be used in many different ways. Some people use it personally while others use it for business sake. However you want to use it, you have the freedom to do so but if you are an eager owner of an online business, you will always aim for profits. That is why there are many tips about how you can utilize your Twitter account as a mean of search engine optimization (SEO). While there are those who are honest to goodness people who try to make money online, there are also those that has the same goal but with the use of different methods. One of this is with the use of spamming.

In SEO, spamming is a big no-no however; there are still those that make use of this strategy for faster results. If you are a victim of spam, it will be hard for your site to get back on the right track. So if you are utilizing Twitter as part of your SEO campaign then here are the different types of spammers you should avoid.


No profile image – everyone knows that if you are new to Twitter, they won’t have a profile image just yet. But these spammers have been on Twitter for many days, they should at least uploaded a picture of themselves right? If you receive a follower with no profile image then be warned that this could be a spammer. Keep in mind not to follow back unless of course this is a person you know.

Be careful with Twitter users who have no profile image.

Has shortened URL description under their profile – let’s use common sense in this one, if you have a website and you have the chance to show others your website, would you take that chance? A normal person who is looking for a good way to promote their website would definitely do that! However, if you see someone whose names have a shortened URL description then know that this is a spam. They are clearly trying to hide their description from you. This also means that they are trying to hide what they are promoting from Twitter users, so do make sure that you watch out for these types.

Users with scandalous pictures – it doesn’t take a genius to see and identify this kind of spammer. They usually use provocative pictures in order to attract more followers. And even if they are not spammers, you know that users with these kinds of pictures have nothing good to offer you let alone good morals. So always avoid these people on Twitter.

Twitter users with this profile should be avoided.

Someone who sends direct/automatic message – sending or receiving messages from other Twitter users is a good thing since this lets you keep in touch with each other in a private way. However, a spammer will send automatic direct messages to anyone who follows them back. This is an aggressive way to promote their product or whatever it is that they are trying to sell. This is an ultimate red flag.

Those who promote themselves too much – these are easy to identify, why? This is because they don’t post anything of value on Twitter other than promoting themselves. If you see someone who often promotes his/her websites then you ought to know that they are spammers. It’s best to avoid them.

Those 20K and 20K – this might sound confusing but this actually means that this user has 20K followers on Twitter and 20K people that they are following. Of course, this is a dead giveaway that they are spammers. Logically speaking, who can follow 20,000 people on Twitter? I’m following 8 people in my account and I can’t even keep up with them let alone these 20K. So if you see one, don’t bother, you know that they will only spamming you.

Unlikely foreign names – not mean to be racists or anything but there are people who make up names on Twitter. Though let’s face the fact that there are really strange foreign names used in other countries. Unfortunately, most spammers (but not all) on Twitter came from a foreign country so that explains the foreign names. Always remember to read which country they are from, this way you can identify if they are a spammer or not.

Suspicious names should be avoided.

Now that you know the types of spammers to avoid on Twitter, always be on guard. If you want a successful SEO campaign on Twitter then avoid these people.


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