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Want a Solid SEO Strategy? Say Hello to Press Release!

Back when internet was not ready for everyone to use, the term press release was only used in newspapers or news on the television. But today, press release is now used online and has proven to be an effective tool in search engine optimization (SEO). Although the use of press release is not as popular as other SEO techniques, it can certainly give you some benefits. Perhaps you are wondering what you can get from using this method, lucky for you I have written some of the benefits that you can benefit from it. Here are some of the reasons why you should use press release as part of your SEO campaign:

More online visibility – press releases are distributed once it is released, when this happens, it will be linked by other people very quickly. This may mean giving you more visibility online especially on news sites, search engines and new searches. So if the press release that you made is relevant to any trending news, it will be easy for users to share and link it with other users. This also means good ranking for your site if done correctly.

More/Increases the traffic to your website – since press release is information shared by many people, it can be easily circulated online. The more information that you include in your press release, the more trustworthy you become. That is why you need to write your press releases well because this can add good reputation to your website. Aim for Google News and Yahoo! News, make use of the right keywords to target potential customers for your products and services. Optimizing your press release well can increase the traffic to your website. Make sure to write press releases that are newsworthy.

Getting backlinks – as an important part of SEO, backlinks can be really helpful if you wish to gain more target audience and increase traffic to your website. Once your press release is circulated, it can easily pick up a wide range of new search engines. It can also pick up related websites and niche. Every time your press release is picked up by search engines on these sites, the press release is reproduced in these sites along with your links and keywords. This means that you can get a good amount of quality backlinks that can help increase the page rank and popularity of your site. That is why I encourage you to make a press release that is worth posting for people to read and distribute. Of course, if you want to make a good backlink, you also need a good press release.

It increases your SERPs – by optimizing your press release well and putting all important links, you are making a way for your website to get the ranking it needs. This also gives you the site authority that other websites are looking for. If your site is well-known for great press releases that has quality content then you are be sure that many will want to link with your website. It also increases the chance of being indexed by search engines. So make sure that you put all the relevant links back into your site if you want to be on the search engines results page (SERP).

A viral marketing strategy – since your press release is being distributed and circulated, you are making use of viral marketing. This is also important to all companies and websites all over the world. Press releases are often posted or submitted on directories, when this is picked up by other news and feeds, they are then published in different websites and then it spreads again. Usually, a press release reaches the most suitable users. When this is done, it will be easy for search engines to crawl and have it indexed.

Now that you know the benefits of using a press release, why not try this method of SEO campaign? Get your brain working, make use of your research skills and create the best press release! This is a good way to help your website earn its spot on the SERPs.

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