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Benefits of the New Google+ Local tab to Local SEO

When Google+ was introduced, I thought it would really be a big hit. In fact, I thought it could surpass Facebook in terms of greatness but unfortunately, I was wrong. Well, maybe this is just my point of view but I do know some people who are not using this social network and to some, it’s a bit ridiculous. However, Google’s new Google+ local tab is making news lately and so I thought I’d see what the buzz is all about.

Say hello to the new Google+ Local Tab.


It seems that Google is now catering to local business owners. This is the results of the new Google’s newest Google+ tab that is said to go beyond the social network’s features. A new tab which is now dedicated to local businesses will not be indexed by Google.

However, signing up for a Google+ account is not the only thing you need to do. If you want to know how you can benefit from this tab then you need to do more than just listing your local business in Google+’s local pages. To maximize your local business’s potential; you need to consider a few things like the following:

Make sure to claim your old Google Pages listing as well as your Google+ Local page – since this is a new tab that Google developed, transition is not really ready to all users just yet. So to make sure that you can get it, it is important that you stay active on both sites until Google+ is ready. Being consistent on your online presence will help you in the future.

Set up your Google+ account – if you don’t have this yet then it is time that you join this social network. Set up your account and get active on Google’s social network. Make sure you set your profile correctly, add friends, family and even customers on your circle.

Link your Google+ local page to your website – this is one way to get your optimization rolling. Not only are you boosting your local SEO but you are also actively joining social interaction. This helps you expose your customers to your local web presence.

Do make contact with your friends on Gmail email lists – to do this, you must filter your email and create a sub-list of subscribers with Gmail accounts. You can inform them by sending them an email of your new Google+ local page. You can ask them politely to put “+1” on your page. You can also let them add you on their circles, this way you can get more networking and be more interactive on your Google+.

Never forget to use traditional local SEO methods – if you want your page to be indexed then make use of good SEO practices. White-hat SEO is always the best methods to use when it comes to optimizing sites properly. Of course, if you want to maximize your local SEO benefits then it’s best that you press forward with any marketing campaigns. After all, when you are using good SEO methods, it will be easier for you to get the indexing you need in the future.

Now that you know how the new Google+ local tab can help you, make sure you optimize the potential of this site. If you want to have more social media presence then this is one way to do it.

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