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How You Can Outrank Google

Google is not exactly an enemy. But it is not a friend, either. It is, however, a helpful tool that can propel your business to success. But before you enjoy the high conversion and sales that it has the power to provide you with, you first need to understand it so that you will know what you should do to make the most of it.

There are various tactics currently used today by webmasters and business owners. These smart and repeatable processes can easily be implemented and can provide results in the quickest time possible. The problem is that there are merely useful for a short time. To effectively market your business from Google, you need to utilize strategies that will be in it for the long run.

If you are a business with loads of money to spend, is equipped with talented software engineers and marketers, acquire revenues pooling in from selling adverts, and have thousands shareholders and analysts; the things that you can do are just endless. Some of them can include the following:

  • Turn searches focused on commercial searches into a pay-to-play game.
  • Bypass “search within search” websites and own multi-million dollar industries such as hotels and flights.
  • Use AdWords data to look for other high-paying industries where Google can let go of the middle and setup shop on their own, thereby taking a higher margin.
  • Buy our or get into a joint venture with successful incumbents in order to obtain fast market share and infrastructure from these high-paying industries.
  • Copy the complete dominance of AdWords in search among other media channels.

These plans are actually evil but they will most definitely work. However, this is a very different world that we are already living into and the basic rules that once governed SEO just might start to cease to exist. Today, building anchor text links for your business is useless when Google already have their own solution running right into the top ranks of their search results.

Google surely has already come up with their own resources to seemingly disrupt your market. To save your market and your business, you need to fight for your turf. Here are five strategies to do so.

  1. Build a brand. This is not only about giving your business a name; it is about giving your customers something to call your business and identify it with.
  2. Build genuine permission assets. Build a strong customer base who will want to hear and buy from you. These customers should come straight to you because they know and trust you.
  3. Prepare for long-term SEM. To win at SEM as well as in the game of AdWords, you need to conquer conversion rate optimization by starting a small CRO test.
  4. Build an essential step in the chain. Map out the entire buying process from research to actual fulfillment.

To increase your chances of beating Google, do these strategies all at once. However, if you are still unable to do so, consider joining them instead. This is the sixth strategy. If you just could not outrank Google, give in to Google+ or consider selling out to Google. You can also just completely give up and just work for Google.


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