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Five Tips on Optimizing your Videos for SEO

When it comes to online information, there are many ways that you can disseminate them. It could be through advertisements, links, banners and many others. Among the best way to spread information is with the use of videos. By far, this is the most used form of sharing information.

Take a look at YouTube, since it has started, millions of users are using this site to upload videos and spread all kinds of information. As the second-largest search engine after Google, Youtube has earned its reputation for being one of the best sites to look for anything that you can think of. But how can you make your own videos SEO friendly? Sure, YouTube may allow us to post videos in their site but if it is not optimized properly then there will be not results. In order to do that, here are four tips that you can use when optimizing your videos:

#1. Always know the keywords you are using – understand that search engine crawlers cannot sense videos, so in order for them to do that, you need to use quality keywords that they can find in your videos. Adding a description under your video with the keywords of your choice can help search engines see what you have posted. When this is seen, your videos can also appear among the search engine results in case someone types the keyword you are using. This is a good way to determine good traffic to your website.

#2. Make playlist – of course, not a lot of us are using this part of YouTube especially when all you need to do is browse through videos. However, if you are to post videos, creating a playlist can help elevate your online presence on YouTube. If you have that then it will be easy for other people to view what you have posted. Another advantage is that, since you have a playlist, it will be easy for your viewers to navigate them. This will help them get to your site if done properly thus creating more traffic for your site. It also helps you expose them to your product or services.

#3. Add captions or transcripts/annotations – this could also lead online users to click on your videos. By adding captions, it will be easy for them to read what your video is all about. Putting annotations is also a good idea. Annotations are the small pieces of content that shows or displays on your videos. Making sure that you have a simple description on them will also help your viewers know about the information you are posting.

#4. Never leave the description box blank – though this can be a bother to some, never ever leave this part blank. This is where you can actually make use of the keywords you are using. Not only that, putting a description below also helps your viewers understand what they are about to see or viewing.

#5. Add a catchy or interesting title and tag – lastly, a good title can always capture your viewers’ interest. So if you want people to click on your video, make sure that you write an interesting or unique title. Don’t forget to relate your title to what your video is all about otherwise, viewers will consider you a bogus and will dislike your video. If this happens then no traffic can happen to your site as well. Make sure that you remember that. Tagging is also important; this will determine which category your video can appear. Always use tags that are relevant and important to your video. Making use of these will definitely help you get the job done.

If you can remember all of these when posting your videos, you will be able to direct the right traffic to your site. Make sure that you optimize your videos well. This way you can get the right results.

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