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How to Use the Comment Section for Effective SEO

Many of us read blogs and most of the time; we do that because we just want to read the article. However, not all of us are really using the comment section of these blogs or articles. Sometimes we just carry on and move on to the next article. We fail to see that using the comment box is an effective method of maximizing your SEO potential. Of course! Why not right? Now if you are interested to know how you can do this, read this article.

So how can you really use your comments for effective SEO?

For those who are new with SEO, the easiest way you can do in SEO is posting comments. After all, there are many comment boxes which offer you the freedom to do so. However, if you don’t know how to use this then you might not get the results that you need. Most of the time, people take this for granted. This is why you need to know to use this well in order to give your search engine optimization its full potential.

The first thing you need to do is to not overdo your comments. Some people do that and they tend to spam comment boxes. As you already known, Google updates are getting tougher these days and so spamming can be one reason as to why your comments are not as effective as you thought it would be. So if you can avoid it, do not spam and make sure that you leave good comments.

The next step that you should do is to avoid automated comments. This is something that other people would recommend however, automated comments may not be as effective as you think it would be. Some people use tools like Spintax to spin the comments, this way it will not appear that you have the same comments. However, if you do wish to use tools like these then make sure that you are getting the right traffic that you need for your website. Keep in mind that Google have algorithm updates and these updates seemed to be tough to break these days and so if you wish to use spinners then make sure that you use them correctly.

Being one of the first five commentators on a blog is also a good trick to get someone to follow you. Let’s face it, blogs that are not popular will not give you as much traffic as you need. So find a blog that is popular in your niche and make a comment. You don’t really have to make an exaggerated comment. Keep it simple so that people can read and understand what you are trying to say.

Speaking of simple comments, a good comment is something else. Though I do advise you to keep it simple, a good comment however is another way to catch other readers’ attention. So make sure that you post something informative and useful at the same time. This is a good way to lead other people unto your website. If this works then you know that you have done an effective SEO method.

In closing, always keep in mind that you can use the comment box/section for SEO purposes. Just make sure that you know how to do that to your advantage. This way you can get the needed traffic and generate incoime. After all, SEO aims to give you results and of course, profits.

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