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Your 6-Month Link Building Plan

Looking at the internet today, we are seeing so many tutorials and guides on creating websites and online marketing. And while these will all greatly help in taking you a step closer to your dreams of becoming a successful online entrepreneur; we rarely see tutorials and guides that tackle link building for an already established site.

If you are not yet aware, you are faced with so many lining opportunities that it would be such a waste to let them pass by. Here is a plan that might help you and your website, which focuses on the acquisition and optimization of links as well as content for links.

Month 1

Since you already have an established profile; start things off by evaluating your current link profile. Do not compare this with your competitors. Rather, see if it aligns with the goals of your clients as well as with the recommended best practices. Talk to the client and get a hold of previous reports as well as the links developed. This should help you understand your current progress. Listen to your client, understanding their goals and risk appetites, before firing up your favorite link analysis tool.

Month 2

First of all, you need to remove and update your links. There are two things that you can do here: either focus on the development of good and quality links or getting rid of bad links. You can use a number of tools to help you with this process. Within this timeframe, you will also need to focus on internal link optimization, old guest posts update, and link reclamation.

Month 3

Now that you are halfway, you will need to get a little busier, although the next four weeks can give you some fun. Work on link building in social media. You will also have to improve your content assets and ensure that it will benefit your potential customers. Link reposition is also important which is broken down into three areas in the form of images, mentions, and words. Then you will need to start blogging and acquire direct competitor link opportunities.

Month 4

This will be a very busy month as well, requiring you to utilize as much of your resources as possible. Go into guest blogging which will greatly help in bringing in fresh traffic to your own site. As you do this, make sure that you continue blogging in your own site as well. In this month, also perform blogger outreach through emails and social outreach.

Month 5

From content bloggers, promote your content asset to webmasters so that you can secure permanent links to resource pages. Also continue with guest blogging and blogging in your own website but this time, you will need to add a new content asset. There are number of ways to approach this and it will be up to you to find the one that will work best for you and your site.

Month 6

By now, you should have developed some relationships with bloggers, editors, curators, and journalists. Enhance your relationships with them as they will help you in influencing your current and potential customers. From here, repeat all the activities of website promotion, guest blogging, and blogging until you make it to the top.

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