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Building The Right Links in SEO Marketing

The concept behind linking in search engine optimization (SEO) is deceptively simple. While many Internet marketers are familiar with the technicalities behind it, the trick to gathering traffic from all around the web is the kind of links you place on your site. Even then, it’s not all about that. The actual linkages you build with  your customers is equally as important.

When building your website, it often helps to place yourself in the shoes of your customers. What do they expect to see on your page? What would they be interested in? Once you start focusing completely on what your audience wants (not your competitors), you’ll find it’s easier to figure out which links will help boost your site’s ratings.

Forging fruitful business linkages

At one point, you’re going to become comfortable in the fact that the Internet allows your customers to come to you, instead of vice versa. While this is a logistical advantage for entrepreneurs who can now expand the reaches of their companies without ever leaving home, it renders some of us complacent.

If you really want a look inside the heads of your target demographic, you’ll need to get off your seat and actively engage with people. This is one of the most basic concepts of entrepreneurship, and it applies quite nicely on the web as well. Step out of the box. If you have a form on your site that asks for comments on products, that’s all well and good. But do yourself one better and give out emails, hold a business livechat/Skype meeting, offer free giftcards—do anything to form an easy and undeniably personal rapport with your customers.

By the time you’ve formed a few business connections (as well as made a few friends), you’ll have a good idea of what makes your customers tick. Why do they like you? How did they come across your website?

The real deal is not about fitting your customers into your marketing plan. If anything, you should be building your marketing plans around what your customers need. How do you factor into their daily lives? How are your products making it easier for them?

Link-building on your website

It’s actually much easier to know what links will work for your site when you know exactly what your customers want and expect from you. Are you looking to cater to a younger demographic that responds well to social media integration and sharing options that link directly to sites like Facebook and Twitter? Or do your customers fall into a more specific category, and are mostly business-minded professionals who tend to check your page for any hints of non-credibility?

It doesn’t always follow that the more links you have on your page, the better. While it does increase the possibility of rising higher on the search engines’ ranging page, the quality of your links matter just as much as the quantity, if not more. Give your customers what they need of your service, and your website will do well.


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