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Learning SEO: Tips for Beginners

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are often daunting to newbies. For one thing, there are plenty of technicalities involved in nailing SEO. Aside having to learn various terminologies, you will also be studying graphs and charts, as well as employ strategies to direct more traffic to your site and subsequently increase its rank in search results.

Still, here are a couple of things you could keep in mind to make the going easier.

Prepare yourself for the learning curves

First up—genuine interest doesn’t hurt. In fact, it’s a big help, and learning is a lot more fun when you actually like knowing about this stuff. Ask yourself why you’d like to learn the ins and outs of SEO, and let those reasons drive you, especially when the going gets tough. If you decide from the onset that you don’t have it in you to at least be curious about how SEO works, you can save yourself a world of pain early on.

Don’t hesitate to pick up new bits of information, and this doesn’t even need to apply to SEO alone. Individuals who are constantly curious about the world around them tend to be more open to learning all sorts of things, and this is the kind of attitude you need when learning SEO.

Second—accept that it may take longer to learn some things. SEO often entails acquiring a set of skills that are specific to the industry. You will need to know how to strategize your links on a website, fight off negative SEO, run your website from a set of webmaster tools (that might initially look complicated), and many others.

It often works to start small and then work your way up. Try setting up a simple website yourself and running basic operations from there. Some basic skills like HTML are a webmaster’s bread and butter, as well as back linking, so make sure to have these pat down by the time you’re ready to fully manage your own website.

Master the technicalities

There’s no easy way around it, but learning the ropes of SEO is a lot like learning to drive: there’s so much you need to pay attention to at first—which pedal you’re stepping on, the clutch, the rearview mirror, traffic signs—all of which become second nature to you once you’ve mastered the skill. However, for complete beginners, mastering the SEO technicalities are often a major hurdle.

On the upside, there’s no saying that you have to go in completely unprepared. Ask around for help, or go online for some free advice, though be sure to filter through sources and look for credible information. Several online communities exist in forums or the SEO blogosphere dedicated to updating SEO techniques and trends.

Finally, you need to know that mastering SEO will also entail writing and researching skills, not to mention a working level of project management, depending on the kind of products or services you offer on your site.

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