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Useful Linking Strategies for Websites

After good quality, relevant content, navigability is probably the most important thing your website should offer your audience. Websites use links to direct the readers of your site to where they want to go, or at least, that’s what links are ideally for.

Lately though, the influx of relevant links and information bits on many websites make it difficult for readers to properly navigate through them. The relationships between these links may also be messy, a rookie mistake that you would do well to avoid.

Here are some updated strategies on linking you could use.

Layout and design matter

Web design is often agreed to bring plenty of visual appeal to an otherwise ordinary web page, but it’s so much more than that. The location of your links on your site matter just as much as how they look like. Will the links appear in your sidebar or at the footer? For instance, many webmasters are now questioning the wisdom of placing links at the bottom of a webpage, as this might prove inconvenient to some users, but this is especially useful for mobile versions of your website. On a simplified design, footer links offer readers a chance to navigate the page without having to scroll back up to the top.

The important thing to remember is not to overload your links with anchor text, or place links that take you to completely unrelated pages, or pages that have little to no value to your user. Keep things clean and efficient.

Link organization

Some webmasters tend to overlook the concept of taxonomy for an array of links. When there are too many links to reasonably keep track of in a single line or column, arrange them in a way that easily identifies each link’s position relative to the others. The more organized your site, the more appealing it is to your audience.

Blogging platforms make this extremely easy, offering the option to display links in either dropdown menus, grouped into archives, or arranged as pages at the top of the home navigation bar. You can customize this even further by tweaking the codes.

On a more complicated level, you may also need to employ an internal linking scheme that makes sense to users, allowing you to link pages automatically based on an updated algorithm. This often has a considerable bearing on your page rankings; webmasters often study the relationships of links on their websites, and then compare this to the amount of traffic they get everyday. Once they know how this works, they have a working knowledge on how to acquire more traffic, ultimately boosting their rankings.

It might sound like a simple enough task, but categorizing your links and pages can seem like a lot of work if your site is practically overflowing with information. However, a pristine level of organization will work hugely in your favor. If possible, work with a team to help you with the technicalities, not least give you a hand with the internal linking scheme.

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