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8 Tips for Effective Link-Building

Link building can be a very hard task, even for the experienced webmaster. This process is more than just creating content that immediately gets links. The contents  that we produce still needs to be pushed to acquire links. Over time, though, this process becomes so much easier once you have built the right relationships in your niche.

Here are 8 techniques that will help your create and build the right relationships with the right people from SEOmoz. All of these are great methods that will work not only now but, more importantly, in the future as well.

Technique #1: Look through your competitors’ backlinks

Go through the backlinks of your competitors and pull out those that will come in useful for you. Get your competitor’s URL into a Google custom search engine and search for guests posts, sponsored links, and other places where you competitor has acquired links and just ride into their link building efforts.

Technique #2: Meet up with local bloggers in your area

Instead of sending emails to all these people, choose to go to them and actually meet them. You can hangout together over some drinks or dinner. This is definitely a very great way to build a relationship, and a long-term one at that.

Technique #3: Quickly build good infographics

You really do not have to pay for the services if a professional designer, there are already so many programs that will allow you to create decent infographics. This is not exactly something that is recommended that you do over and over again but once in a while should be good enough.

Technique #4: Find the guest posts of your competitors

Many of your competitors are bound to be writing guest posts as you are. To easily look for them, just search for a fragment of your competitors’ bio and you should find sites where they have posted. Try to reach out to them and easily win links.

Technique #5: Have a profile page for your clients’ directors and spokespeople

This is so that when they are quoted in magazines or newspapers, they can just be linked to their profile page. There are chances that they might not link if the site is commercial but it would be worth a try. If there are decent information and photos about the person, they should link those.

Technique #6: Get into a guest blog post search engine

Search on this search engine for the keywords related to your niche and you should find blogs that accepts guest posts. Try to reach out to these bloggers so you can post content on their blogs.

Technique #7: Use Amazon to Know Any Bloggers Wish Lists

Get the email address of the blogger that you are looking to impress and see if they have a wish list. If they do, send them this as a gift from your company, saying how you appreciate their work and their posts. This is a great way to build a relationship.

Technique #8:  Get People to Embed Your Site in their Blogs

If you see that someone has tweeted your content, click on their profile and see if they have a website. If they do, approach them and thank them for tweeting about your content. Then ask them to embed your site in their blog and give them the embed code.


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