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8 Ways in Learning the SEO

Anyone who is into SEO or is yet to dive into this industry is bound to want to know more about this trade. While there are numerous and excellent sources that will jumpstart your SEO efforts, perhaps it would be a good idea to first take note of the most effective ways of how to best learn it. Here are 5 of them outlined by SEOmoz.

#1: Bank on your curiosity

Take note that no one can learn the SEO for you so you need to give yourself enough motivation to actually delve into this. Try to start online marketing from scratch. Start with registering and then controlling a small website. You can learn heaps from this.

#2: Use Steep Learning Curves

It might take a long time for you to become an SEO expert but make the best of how much you can learn in a day or in a few hours. You might not be looking into becoming a world expert in SEO but at least try to learn those things that you do not know.

#3: Know SEO details and trivia

One thing that separates the expert from the novice is the former’s ability to recall details. The best way to cultivate this is to read widely and creatively come up with things on your own. Use the internet and the numerous apps to keep you constantly updated on the things that are going on in SEO.

#4: Allow yourself to be intimidated

Hang out with people who you think is better than you are. You can talk about and share ideas with these people. Over time, you begin to resemble them and gain a good enough knowledge about the industry that you want to learn more about.

#5: Know the Basics of SEO

Try to focus first on the transformational aspects of SEO. HTML, for instance, is a rather great skill for SEO so focus on mastering it. Put away learning micro-formatting and other trivial skills until that time when you will really need them.

#6: Allow yourself to fail

Learning new things can sometimes lead to failures. Note that this is perfectly normal. Once you commit a mistake or something goes wrong throughout the learning process, try to learn from it and start again. After some time, you should find yourself getting better at the skill that you are practicing.

#7: Write things down

Writing is a core part of learning as this will help you retain the information in your memory. Also, writing is very important in blogging as well as in social media. Writing is a great way to gain feedback and be surrounded with people who are smarter than you are.

#8: Remember your “liberal arts”

Being an SEO expert has little to do with SEO knowledge. After you go about learning SEO, you will find that once you have gone past its basics, you will eventually find yourself becoming better with more practice. To be truly effective, learn to expand your education to a wider scope.

Deeply learning something does not occur in only a matter of hours of days. It will require some dedication, patient, and hard work from you.


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