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Be the Best In-House SEO with these 10 Strategies

You might have already come upon so many posts and articles about SEO implementation that you have already had your fill of all the talks on tips, hacks, and stories. So instead of talking about such techniques, we will focus on how you can be a leader by having a positive in-house SEO reputation. Through this, you are able to make a difference with your business and actually attract customers, users, and constituents in the long run.

Here are the best in-house SEO secrets from SEOmoz.

1. Be the best worker in the office

Building a great relationship with your customers is just as important as building a great relationship with your co-workers. With all the stresses of work, you might find this a little too hard to do but this is a constant challenge that you constantly need to work on to achieve greatness.

2. Talk about SEO from the people’s perspective

Aside from those people who work behind SEO, nobody else cares about the robots so you are much better off to focus on human users. Contrary to what you perceive, this is actually a lot easier than you think it is. Think of customer journeys and wins from customers.

3. Never solely rely on data to tell your story

You are most likely to work on data, figures, and facts as the core of your business but you also need to show your customers the positive impact of your business in their lives. Your key tools in this strategy are data visualization and story-telling.

4. Help your co-workers meet their goals first

Making your colleagues look good will also make you look better. Therefore, consider their needs a priority before your own. This value-based approach on relationships can be done with so many resources.

5. Build a professional development plan

Without knowing what lies ahead of you, you will never be able to properly execute your SEO techniques. Build a plan that contains your vision and goals, timelines, mentors and supporters, resources, and methods.

6. Get into agile marketing

Agile has had an impressive track record of success in software development. Developers have using this for so many years and marketers should learn from their experience. This will help solve the many institutional challenges that you will face.

7. Go beyond SEO

When your customers are not conducting researches online, realize that they are real people living active in the world. Do not see that as mere customers. Rather, consider them greater than the sum of their keywords.

8. Do not be too much of a perfectionist

Trying to perfect everything will only give you more liabilities and problems than benefits and solutions. Live by the fact that you just can’t be perfect because of the quick and never ending changes that our industry goes through.

9. Hack the industry with TAGFEE

“TAGFEE” is short for Transparent and Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, and Exceptional. Apply these qualities not only in your brand but also in your external channels. Blog, talk, and build stories about them to share with colleagues and customers.

10. Learn from others

There are still so many people who have acquired their own tips and stories from their experience with in-house SEO. Know and learn about them as well.


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