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Get into Mobile SEO with these 4 Fundamental Questions

With the latest technologies embedded in today’s smartphones, we are able to perform more and more tasks with these devices that we can only do in computers before. In fact, marketers are already using this technology for their SEO strategies.

Google has released an official set of developer resources and recommendations for building smartphone-optimized websites. However, aside from this, you will also have to know your potential users, target market, and site characteristics before you can point out what your best options are.

Here are the 4 questions from SEOmoz that you need to ask yourself before getting started in mobile search.

Question #1: How many are your current mobile users and how did they found you?

You need to optimize your site so that it will be more specific and appropriate for your customers and users. For this purpose, you can use Google Analytics. In this service, you will see the operating system, provider, resolutions, and the type of devices your users are utilizing when they browse through your site. Also use the Google Webmaster Tools as it will allow you to see mobile searches on keywords and pages impressions. And then there’s the Google Keyword Tool. This will allow you to specify that you only wish to obtain information on smartphone searches.

Question #2: How will your site look in those mobile devices?

Whether your users utilize an iPhone or BlackBerry to do their mobile searches, you need to figure out how your site will look in these devices. There are some tools that you can use for this. Screenfly would be a good one, allowing you to see your site in various resolutions of different smartphones and tablets. You can also do the same with a Google Master Tools feature named Fetch. Then there is an add-on from Firefox where you can switch to smartphone or mobile user agent. Now that you know how your site looks, do the necessary tweaks to improve their overall appeal.

Question #3: What type of mobile web is best for you?

Your very first choice, which is actually recommended by Google, is the responsive website. You will have the same content offered to both desktop and mobile users, offering flexibility. However, if your users utilize feature phones, then this will not be the most ideal. In this case, you can use the dynamic serving in the same URL. This will be best for those sites that offer another type of content and produce a certain type of users. Still, if this does not work, go into the parallel site in an “m” subdomain. With this, you can build off a parallel site but with a different URL.

Question #4: How will Google find my site if it’s not responsive?

It will be a good idea to link between versions if you are using a different URL. You can also go with good dynamic serving, although this is not always well-configured. This is why it is important that you check this feature on Google Master Tools is seeing the code that you want.

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