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The Truth about Guest Blogging

If your process charts goes something like: technical audit, competitive and keyword research, and guest blog posts, then you are in for complete failure.

Guest blogging is not and will never be a strategy, neither is this a solution for every client and page of your site. While this can be an effective tactic to add into your strategies, it should never take center stage as this can only give you frustration and defeat in the end.

This strategy just did not have the same effect that it once has. Search engines have grown so much better in ignoring on-page tricks and imperfect site optimization. Still, it is all about getting those coveted links. And while there are so many ways to obtain links, the release of the Penguin Google update is making guest articles more like an industry default. This trend now lacks creativity, laden with the fear of failure and poor communication.

Diminishing Returns

Guest blog posts actually increase ratings but this does not exactly make it worth doing. We mostly find ourselves utilizing the same SEO strategies for as long as we possibly can for as long as they are still working. However, guest posting is only worth the effort when we have nothing else to do with our time.

This does not exactly mean that you should abandon guest blogging, especially if you see that this is a quick and effective way to get positive results. But, then again, this is not the best SEO activity, primarily because of its diminishing returns among those who include them in their long-term SEO campaigns.

Probably the biggest strength with guest blogging is that you can instantly jump into it, sparing you from the need to deal with blog posts with empty comments. However, it also has its share of weaknesses. The first is the fixed ratio of a linking domain per article and the second is the rapidly diminishing returns.

Having a pure content strategy can take so long to roll out but with great content, guest posts will be more effective. You can even think of it as a multiplier that will make for a great supplement in any marketing tactic.

With guest posting great content, you will either have one of the two multiplier effects. The first is that bloggers will accept your posts and talk about you (that is, if you site has credible content) and the second is that the users in the host blog will share and re-share your content (that is, if your site has something that will get them excited).

Site Owner Fatigue

Aside from its diminishing returns, another reason why guest blogging is weakening is the fatigue that it gives site owners. They are constantly prodded with requests from acquaintances and even strangers to get them to guest post. In the end, they grow tired of having to attend to all of them, especially if they are not addressed properly. So even when people will actually read these guest blogs, even the most patient blog owners end up weary with the big piles of requests.


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